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Best Airline Industry Awards 2008

Business Traveler magazine in the US has announced the results of a poll that was conducted among 4,000 readers. The awards were given in 3 main ctagories: airline industry, hotel industry and business travel related industries.

Naturally we were interested in the airline industry awards. Some winners were surprising, but I think if someone knows these airlines will be able to guess even without seeing the results. I am not sure whether this poll shows the real picture or it is built on preconceptions and good marketing, but I truely miss some smaller and thus more creative airlines.

Besides that I linked in the websites of the awarded airlines and I really wonder why all these big companies still use their 1999-style webdesign and why they don’t feel the need to improve them. I think one of our next posts will be an early 2009 overview of the biggest airlines with the most austere websites.

Anyway, let’s see the winners:

- Best Overall Airline in the World:  Emirates
- Best Airport in the World:  Changi Airport (Singapore)
- Best First-Class Service in the World: Jet Airways
- Best Business- Class Service in the World:  Qantas
- Best Premium Economy Class in the World: Virgin Atlantic
- Best Economy-Class Service in the World:  Singapore Airlines
- Best Airline for International Travel:  Cathay Pacific
- Best Airline for North American Travel:  Continental Airlines
- Best Flight Attendants in North America: Continental Airlines
- Best Airline in Mexico: Aeromexico
- Best Airline in Western Europe: British Airways
- Best Airline in Central and Eastern Europe:  Czech Airlines
- Best Airline in the Middle East:  Qatar Airways
- Best Airline in Asia: Korean Air
- Best Business Class to Asia/Trans-Pacific:  Korean Air
- Best Airline Advertising Campaign:  Korean Air
- Best Flight Attendants in the World:  Asiana
- Best In-Flight Services in the World: Asiana
- Best Overall Airline Customer Service: Asiana
- Best Airline for First-Class Service in North America:  American Airlines
- Best North American Airline for International Travel: Air Canada
- Best Airline for Business-Class Service in North America:  Air Canada
- Best In-Flight Services in North America:  Air Canada
- Best Airline for Business-Class Service to South America:  LAN
- Best Airline for Business Class to Europe/trans-Atlantic:  Air France
- Best Business Class to Australia/New Zealand/South Pacific:  Air New Zealand
- Best Business Class to the Middle East:  Etihad Airways
- Best Business Class to Africa:  South African Airways
- Best All-Business-Class Service: All Nippon Airways
- Best Airline Cuisine/Meals: bmi
- Best Airline Alliance Program: Star Alliance
- Best Low-Cost Airline in North America: Virgin America
- Best Airport Clubs/Lounges: Delta Air Lines
- Best Frequent-Flyer Program: Delta Air Lines
- Best Airline Web Site: Delta Air Lines
- Best Airport in North America: Denver International Airport

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