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Ryanair and Easyjet are forced to apply French labour laws for local crew

According to Reuters, France’s top administrative court has told EasyJet and Ryanair to apply French labour laws for staff operating out of the country, dismissing a bid by the airlines to bypass local working norms.

The two low-cost carriers had appealed against a decree introduced last year that obliged foreign airlines to apply French labour laws for crews of aircraft based here.

Irish-based Ryanair said the decree contravened European laws on the free movement of labour and services.

But France’s Conseil d’Etat threw out the complaint and ordered both airlines to pay 2,500 euros in judicial costs, the court said in a statement on Friday.

EasyJet’s today’s stock rate

Ryanair’s stock rate

Whether this was the reason of today’s decrease in both company’s stock rates or not, it is up to financial analyzers. My personal opinion is that it is a competitive environment and as long as these companies have the the sum they are ready to pay for people to work over official business hours and as long as they can find people, who are ready to work for this sum, it is their business. Besides that French business hours and work mentality is a little bit different from other countries’ policies.

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No More New A300’s

A FedEx A300F 

On 12JUL2007, Airbus delivered an A300 freighter to FedEx, the final A300/A310 that the manufacturer will produce. The program was launched in 1969, the first A300B (the first Airbus actually!!) took its maiden flight on 28OCT1972 and the first aircraft was delivered to Air France in 1974. Over these decades (almost forty years) Airbus sold 821 of the family, that included the A310 as well. About 630 of those are still in service, with approximately 80 operators. After a slow start in sales, when the word spread around airlines how efficient and useful this plane is, sales started to pick up. It is considered as the best selling freight aircraft in history, with only FedEx operating more than 120 A300Fs/A310Fs. According to the manufacturer, about 200 of this aircraft family is planned to be in service beyond 2025 as well, and they will continue to provide their long-term fleet support program to the operators “until the very last aircraft is retired from service.”

You can also watch a short movie of historic images from the life of the A300/A310s and the early day of Airbus at the manufacturer’s website.

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