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Airbus A380 Tickets On Sale at eBay

A380 in Singapore Airlines livery

Singapore Airlines, – the first airline to put the new giant Airbus in service – has today announced that it will sell all of its tickets for the first ever commercial flight of the A380 on eBay. Furthermore, all of the revenue arising from these tickets will be donated for charity. This is a very nice move from the airline, who has also announced, that the demand for the tickets for this special flight were so high, that it prefers this way of handling all interested parties. As known, traditional airline pricing always tries to follow the current market demand, but this is a special occasion, where the pricing and fare department of Singapore Airlines will let the market itself decide on the fares, which are projected to go over the clouds probably. Knowing that it will all go to support some good causes, people will probably open their vallets even more, which is a very nice way of using such special power to raise money for those in need.

The first flight will take place “in the month of October, 2007” between Singapore and Sydney, with tickets going on sale only a few weeks earlier. So don’t rush to eBay just yet, maybe it’s best to sign up for the newsletter to be among the first to know about the date when tickets go on sale! This flight will definiately by an aviation history milestone, and Singapore Airlines will provide each passenger with a special certificate, to be hung on your wall, to be placed in your safe, or simply to prove your participation to your grandchildren! 🙂

The official press release.

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SkyTeam Members Launch SkyCorp Direct website

How alliance members can work together? Here is a very good example from SkyTeam. The three US SkyTeam member airlines (Delta (DL), Northwest (NW) and Continental (CO)) have set up a joint website, called SkyCorp Direct for their corporate clients. It is free to join, free to book any of the above mentioned three airlines’ flights as well as hotels and cars, but they charge an extra USD 5 for each booking that is made for another airline. You can book any flights, hotels and cars, can save a corporate profile and also personal profiles for your employees for easier future use. On the other hand, basic reports can be generated, and detailed reports are also available for a one time registration fee. A great advantage is that already existing corporate deals with any of the participating airlines can be transfered and used on, so an earlier agreed discount will not be lost.



As the name of the website is “SkyTeam standard”, I would assume that there is a good possibility that this site will be enhanced later with other alliance members’ flights as well, and that this site may be the root of a general, direct SkyTeam sales channel aimed at corporates.

You can also watch a short demo on the newly launched website on how to use it. Please note that you don’t need to be a large corporation in order to join, any companies can do so. I wonder when the other alliances will start to come up with such joint, easy to use website (they already have corporate products, but those are either limited for one country, or require different means of booking procedure).

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