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Smart Gift for Online Bookers at KLM

KLM has launched a new promotion, which is very-very smart and other airlines should take the idea and come up with similar campaigns in my opinion. So what is it and why is it so great?

Easy Boarding Bag by KLM

Good for the passenger: Free gift. It’s always good for the passenger when they receive something free, of course. And this gift is an “Easy Boarding Bag”, a very practical gift. It’s one of those bags that we all need to use in our hand luggages when boarding a plane or each time we go through security at an airport. I started using such a bag last October when these new regulations were introduced all around the EU and it worn out by Christmas. Then I bought a pack of 3 better quality bags, for EUR 1.5 that have a tougher zip and are made of tougher material. One of them is getting worn out by now again… And in case you’re not traveling that much, you would not want to buy such a bag, and would not have all those small packs and portions of toiletries at hand by default. You would have to go to a specialized beauty store (as the standard packages are bigger than 100 ml in most cases), which takes time, money and extra effort before you travel and have a thousand of other things to think about already… So besides being a free gift, this gift makes your life easier! It takes away the hazzle to search for these toiletries, for such a bag, etc. AND in this campaign you get it before you travel, so you can be SURE that you don’t need to deal with these things at all, KLM has done it for you.

Good for the airport: More passengers will come to the security checks with the already prepared, standard and acceptable toiletrie bags, which speeds up the checks.

Good for the cosmetics company: Rituals is the cosmetics company that provides the toiletries to these bags. It’s a great promotion for them, they reach out for a target group that has money available and this way receives a free trial collection of all products bascially!

Good for the airline: As they have connected this free gift to online booking, the online booking engine will get more traffic, and maybe passengers will try it out, who have not used it before, thus the (cheapest) online sales channel gets promoted. And of course customer loyalty raises as well, as people will talk about “the free gift bag I got from KLM” before their travel (“how nice it is that I don’t need to worry about all these small toiletries, they just gave them to me”), and if they are visiting family/friends, it could easily be brought up there too, especially if they share bathroom! 🙂

So this is a very wise promotion, all players win from it, congratulations to whoever came up with this idea at KLM! (If the person may read this article, please drop us a comment!)

by balint01

Iberia’s new A319 is named Royal Owl

From the Airbus factory in Hamburg, Iberia has taken delivery of a new, 141-seat A-319, registered as EC-KHM, and named Búho Real (Royal Owl), in keeping with the policy instituted this year of publicising Spain’s endangered species.

This campaign is intended to raise awareness at all the destinations reached by the airline of Spain’s biodiversity and some of its unique native species, and to remind customers, employees, and the public at large of the need to protect and preserve them.

This is the seventh aircraft received by Iberia in 2007, all in the Airbus A-320 family, and all named for endangered Spanish species –the Iberian Imperial Eagle, the Iberian Lynx, the Brown Bear, the Black Stork, the Spanish grouse and the Otter.

A picture of the Royal Owl has been painted on the fuselage of the aircraft bearing its name, and will remain there until the species is removed from the endangered list. Information sheets in passenger seat pockets describe the unique characteristics of this bird of prey, which lives in the mountains and high cliffs.

The new aircraft brings to 17 the total of number of Airbus A-319s flown by Iberia. They incorporate all the latest technical advances and are much quieter than other aircraft in their class, while providing better service to customers. This model belongs to the Airbus A-320 family, which includes the A-319, the A-320, and the A-321, of which Iberia has a total of 82 units.

And here are the pictures of these endangered species:

Imperian EagleIberian lynxBrown bearBlack storkSpanish grouseOtter

Well done, Iberia! We love your campaign!

By Szafi

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