Plane On The Street in Mumbai, India

This story is not really fresh news, as it happened some three months ago in May, 2007, but I have come across an article about it, and found it really “bizarre” as one of my Australian friends would call this situation.

The story is the following: There was a B737, that used to fly for Air Sahara, in India, but is not in use anymore. They removed the wings, engines, tail, etc. and wanted to transport the fuselage part to a new location in Delhi where it was planned to be used for trainings/entertainment. They put it on a trailer and headed out on a probably planned route over the weekend. So until now, it is as it should be.

BUT, the driver of the trailer got lost a little bit, and ended up driving the truck on the highway in a suburb of Mumbai, which had a bridge crossing, which was way too low to pass underneath. In the meantime he realized he can not back out from that location, so he chose the easiest solution (for him): he left the trailer there with the plane on top of it, and walked away… Perfect solution for him, annoying solution for all the people living nearby as more and more tourists show up in the area only to touch and to see the left behind plane.

B737 Left Behind On A Mumbai Road

Quote from BBC: “Saturday night I shut shop and go home and everything is fine,” he told the BBC news website. “Sunday morning when I get here, this aircraft is here near my restaurant!” Can you imagine such a situation? I think it’s really bizarre!!

And what really amazes me: they were moving a 737 around, on a specialized trailer, and according to BBC, the driver, and the actual owner of the aircraft could not be identified for days after it was left behind on the street…

Here is a video about it (in “Indian English”): 

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