Lufthansa – A380 with new first class concept

Lufthansa uses the opportunity of starting operation with the new A380, that they completely renew their first class concept. The number of first class passengers has increased 20% in the past 2 years. By now 20% of Lufthansa passengers fly either on business or first class and they generate approximately 50% of the total revenue. The upgrade of the existing aircrafts will happen in the next 2-3 years.

Lufthansa first class lounge - MunichLufthansa first class lounge - MunichLufthansa first class lounge - Munich

A new Lufthansa first class lounge has been introduced at Munich airport, too. The new lounge lies on 850 square meters on two levels. On the lobby level there is a lobby with a service area where passengers can wait for the limousin chauffeur. Limousins take passengers to their flights directly from the lounge. On the upper level there is a relaxation zone with jacuzzi and showers and cosy armchairs. There are office rooms as well, where passengers can work in a nice, silent environment.

Lufthansa first class lounge - MunichLufthansa first class lounge - Munich


In the lounge’s restaurant operated by Sky Chefs, there is a wide selection of meals like sushi, local bio food and international specialties. Besides the services inside the lounge, Lufthansa first class and HON Circle member passengers can take advantage of special parking places and fast lanes both at check-in and security control.

Resource: Lufthansa, ATW Online
By Szafi

5 Responses to “Lufthansa – A380 with new first class concept”

  1. 1 Gary K June 20, 2008 at 3:07 pm

    Great news, Lufthansa. Your economy class is so crappy that anyone who could would upgrade to your premium cabins. However your business and first classes still suck compared to Singapore, Emirates, Air France, Qantas, et al.
    You are the United Airlines of Europe!

    • 2 Brett January 25, 2010 at 8:56 am

      Recently we flew on 5 sectors with Lufthansa.
      We found the product on the new aircraft in economy to be excellent. Wonderful seat back videos and entertainment.
      There was a lot of room in the Cabin. The flight attendants were very real and attentive. Quality of food was good and there were always snacks in the Galley.

      We did fly 1 sector from Munich to Addis in Business.
      I did not think it was that great. Staff were friendly. I found the Seats to be squash as we were in the front part of the Aircraft where the lockers aboved were nt available for passengers. The flat seats were not comfortable. The flight attendant needed to re set the video 3 times.

      From Frankfurt to Bangkok.
      We flew on a very old old old 747.
      There was only a screen to watch no seat back VIDEOS.
      Hideous is how I would describe it. THE STAFF AND SERVICE WERE EXCELLENT THOUGH.

  2. 3 JP Schin October 23, 2008 at 5:04 pm

    The above response is probably referred to the extra expenses a passengers get during a Lufthansa flight while it is offered for free at ex. SIA.

    However Lufthansa still is one of the best Airlines in the World since many airlines rely on the Lufthansa Technik maintenance that is available in most other countries.

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