Air Show – Kecskemet, Hungary – Bad weather, good mood

The International Air and Military Show in Kecskemet is quite a popular event in Hungary. This was the first time I took part, though. This year we were unlucky with the weather, but still we enjoyed the planes and their sounds.

GripenNose of a GripenThe “Golden Hind” helicopterAn old Jak 11US Airforce in HungaryGripens in action

Besides old and new Hungarian military aircrafts we could see Czech, Dutch, Serbian, English and even American air force members. We could hear the sounds of the F-16, Mig-29, Gripen, Albatros, Tornado and other military aircrafts. Of course there were civil planes as well, we could see stunt flying and even a Malev Boeing 737 flew through.

I really loved the whole athmosphere of the event and next year I will make sure to be there again. For more pictures take a look at my photo gallery.

By Szafi

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