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20 August Air Parade and Air Race – Budapest

Unfortunately I got sick, so I could not attend the events this year, but Balint was there and tomorrow he will show us some nice pictures and will give us a short report about the air race.

In the meantime I decided to share some older pics with you. These ones were taken on 1st May 2004, the day when Hungary joined the EU. As a part of the whole day events, a Malev 737 flew through over the Danube in Budapest. This was the last 737-400 in the Malev fleet as Malev exhcanged the whole 737 fleet to brand new NGs: 600s, 700s and 800s.

The pictures were taken by a friend of mine, a very good aircraft photographer, Viktor Laszlo. You can see many of his pictures on

Malev Boeing 737 over the Danube in BudapestA Malev 737 in Budapest with the famous Chain Bridge in the backgroundMalev’s 737 in Budapest with an old famous marketplace in the backgroundMalev’s 737 with the downtown of Budapest in the backgroundMalev’s 737 flying through oevr the Danube in Budapest


In the meantime I received fresh pictures about a Malev Boeing 767 flying through over the Danube on 20 August 2007 in Budapest. Captain Zambo and Captain Borovszki flew through 200 m above the Danube in front of around 1 million spectators. Quite an amazing sight.

Photos were taken again by Viktor Laszlo. Thanks for them!

A Malev 767 over BudapestA Malev 767 over BudapestA Malev 767 over BudapestA Malev 767 over BudapestA Malev 767 over BudapestA Malev 767 over Budapest

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