Update on the China Airlines accident – PR advice needed

China Airlines was ordered by the Taiwanese government to ground temporarily its 11 remaining 737-800s for safety checks following the post-landing fire and explosion that destroyed a -800 Monday morning at Naha Airport in Okinawa.

Taiwan’s Civil Aeronautics Administration told CI to ground its 737-800 fleet and two of the type operated by subsidiary Mandarin Airlines. Japan’s Transport Ministry said it ordered Japan Airlines, ANA and Skymark Airlines to conduct checks on 23 CFM56-powered -800s and no anomalies were found.

And here comes my favorite part:

China Airlines CEO Chao Kuo-shuai traveled to Okinawa following the incident and gave each passenger an envelope containing $100. “I feel ashamed for causing so much trouble,” he said. The airline conceded it may have to provide further compensation for destroyed luggage.

I have to admit this is the most weird PR action I have ever seen. 100 dollars in an envelope. Why not a free ticket to anywhere with China Airlines to gain their trust back? Or anything? But 100 dollars? In an envelope?

Well, if you have a better idea for a good PR action in such a situation, please leva a comment. I will make sure to send the ideas to China Airlines.

By Szafi

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