American Airlines Sues Google Over Selling Keyword to Others

American Airlines took Google to court over the sales of the search term American Airlines to other companies. Google’s search mechanism works like that. When you start a search, you will get a result page with 3 different areas. One is the main, organic search result, and above the results and on the right side of the results you can find sponsored links. Sponsored link means a company or a private person pays for a certain keyword and if somebody searches for that keyword, their links will appear in these special places. See pictures below:

Google search result for keyword American Airlines

Google search result without sponsored links

Google search result for keyword Delta

Google search results with sponsored links

American Airlines fear that such triggers for other copanies’ advertisments mislead customers and thus threaten the American Airlines trademark and the goodwill of the company.

This is not the first time Google was sued for their policy of selling keywords. However most of the legal procedures ended up either with an advantageous decision for Google or parties agreed during the procedure.

I personally do not believe this procedure will end up in a different way. Especially not in the US, where law is so much based on precedents. But we will see it later.

By Szafi

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