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Planes Collided At An Air Show In Radom, Poland

Two small planes collided during an acrobatic display at an air show in Poland on Saturday, killing both pilots, authorities said.

Footage broadcast on TVN24 television showed the two small red planes slamming into each other and bursting into fragments at the Radom Air Show.

Both pilots died in the crash, Polish Air Force spokesman Maj. Wieslaw Grzegorzewski said. No injuries were reported among spectators.

The following video is shocking, so please consider your mental health before watching it.


News Source: AP
Video: YouTube

By Szafi

Sky Europe – Lie Or Rely?

SkyEurope Holding reported a consolidated net loss of €5.1 million ($7 million) in the fiscal third quarter ended June 30, much improved compared to the €16.5 million deficit in the year-ago period. Operating expenses grew 6.4% to €63.41 million, while the operating loss shrank to €5.24 million from €14.48 million last year. Meantime, SkyEurope confirmed the appointment of Jason Bitter as CEO of SkyEurope Airlines. It also announced it will close two bases, Budapest and Krakow, in the coming winter schedule “in a move designed to reduce complexity and costs.”

Jozsef Varadi, CEO of Wizzair, the biggest competitor for Sky Europe had already projected this step about 2-3 months ago. At that moment the spokesman of Sky Europe denied that Sky Europe had such plans. It appeared in many news portals, magazines and other media in Hungary and they always denied it.

Well, for me at least it is strange how any company (or any business person) allow itself (or him/herself) to lie in front of public. Especially when this lie affects people’s life. Imagine yourself buying a ticket for a good price about 3 months in advance and even if they refund it for you, you will have to buy it at another airline for a higher price (as 2 months passed in the meantime). In understand it if companies do not release any information about business secrets. But come n, there is a possibility to say: sorry, no decision was made on this topic yet, or it is under heavy discussion internally or anything. But to lie? For me such a company looses its good will for a long time. I hope the new CEO will be more tough on corporate communication issues.

By Szafi

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