Jet Crashes in Phuket, Thailand Killing 87

A passenger plane filled with foreign tourists crashed Sunday as it tried to land in pouring rain on the island of Phuket, splitting in two and bursting into flames, officials said. At least 87 people were killed.

The budget One-Two-Go Airlines domestic flight OG269 was carrying 123 passengers and seven crew members from the capital, Bangkok to Phuket — popular among tourists for its pristine beaches and one of the areas hardest hit by the 2004 tsunami. The McDonell Douglas MD-82 (quite an old plane) tore into 2 as it hit the ground, bursting out in flames.

One-Two-Go airlines MD-82

So far 87 people were reported dead. Jikarat Wongtawan, a staffer of Bangkok Phuket Hospital, said that 24 of the 32 passengers hospitalized there were foreigners and included Britons, Germans, Iranians, Israelis and at least one Australian, Irish and Canadian passenger. The remaining injured foreigners were at Phuket International Hospital.
One of the survivors gave an interview to TITV, saying:
“You could tell when it was landing it was in trouble,” he said. “It was making a noise, this bang.”

On the other hand a local official said the pilot missed the landing:
“The visibility was poor as the pilot attempted to land. He decided to make a go-around but the plane lost balance and crashed”

One-Two-Go is one of several budget airlines started up in the past few years after Thailand’s airline sector was liberalized. It started operations in December 2003, and is the domestic subsidiary of Orient-Thai Airlines, a low-cost regional carrier based in Thailand.

When I looked for some resources, I found a forum, where a person wrote the following:
“I am a pilot and worked for OX in 2006. I was a B-757 captain. I warned the company and various authorities about the unsafe practices of this company. Nobody acted, this is the result and it was foreseable. “

So for me at first sight it seems, there must have been technical problems with the aircraft, it was not just the pilot’s fault. Airline World will keep you updated, so please bookmark our blog and check back later!

The airline’s website is hardly reachable at the moment, but if you need the emergency numbers, you can check them, just be patient. The website can be found here.

By Szafi

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