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Airbus A380 First Delivery Website

(Update: Please see our next post about the delivery here)

Airbus A380 nose by Hervé Goussé (from 

The Final Countdown to the first delivery of the new Airbus A380 Superjumbo has begun, as there are less than 3 days left until Singapore Airlines, the launch customer will receive its first aircraft. This will be a historic moment in Aviation History, and Airbus has even launched a dedicated website for enthusiasts of the largest commercial airliner ever built. You can find lots of information and 13 very nice, short A380 “historic” films from the idea, through logistics in manufacturing, to proving flights. I myself liked Episode 7 the most, as it gives a compilation of the tests that the A380 needed to go through. I would also recommend Episodes 9 and 12 as they give a very good insight to the world of operating airliners. The dedicated site will also offer the live webcast of the first delivery next Monday (15OCT2007). We will make sure to watch it, and will also inform you about the ceremony after it ends. You can reach the website on the following address:

(If you’re interested in the full footage about the evacuation training on the A380, please check one of our first posts here.) 

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Friday Fun – The Flying Experience Screensaver

For today’s Friday Fun I selected a very nice and useful application you must have on your PC.

The following screensaver is a flight simulator, but in this simulator you are not the pilot, but the passenger. Just like in real life. There are many different views and many landscapes to see. I recommend this screensaver for everyone who likes flying and for those afraid of it. It gives you a perfectly safe flying experience showing only the nice part of it. I installed the “coach class” (economy class) on my home PC and I really enjoyed watching it from my armchair. I know, it is kind of sick. 🙂

Anyway, don’t hesitate to download the free economy class version and if someone pays for it and tries business class, too, please send us some screenshots!

Here is the link:

Airline World Blog wishes you a nice weekend!

By Szafi

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