Copenhagen – Another Q400 Accident Again!

A plane carrying 46 people made an emergency landing at Copenhagen Airport in Denmark on Saturday, sliding onto its right wing after the landing gear collapsed, a police official said. No one was seriously injured in the accident, Copenhagen police spokesman Tommy Keil said. Prior to the accident, the pilots of the aircraft reported problems with its main landing gear, according to SAS.

The accident took place at 16:55 local time and the runway on which the aircraft landed — one of two at Copenhagen’s Kastrup Airport — was closed after it happened. The Q400 involved bore the registration number LN-RDI and was operating SAS flight number SK 2867 from Bergen to Copenhagen, the airline said.

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LN-RDI earlier while landing at Copenhagen - by

As AirlineWorld reported it earlier, there were similar crashes of the Bombardier Q400, when Bombardier together with FAA recommended all operating carriers the grounding of their Q400 fleet for a safety check. We even had a discussion with Mr Murray Cohen, a flight engineer and Bombardier’s spokesman about the accuracy of this check. Now I am wondering what might have happened during that safety check when not late after relaunching them the first accident happens.

By Szafi 

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  1. 1 balint01 November 2, 2007 at 11:41 am

    Friday November 2, 2007
    Danish Investigation Board concluded in a preliminary report that the most recent SAS Q400 landing gear malfunction, was caused by an O-ring that became lodged in the right main gear’s actuator, the mechanism that lowers and extends the gear. Investigators determined that this was a different cause than the carrier’s two previous Q400 incidents, during which landing gears collapsed as the aircraft touched down. They conducted a detailed inspection of the actuator and discovered that a valve was blocked by the O-ring, the source of which is unknown. The investigation will continue.
    (ATW News)

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