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Mandala Airlines B 737 Overshoots Runway – 5 Injured

A Mandala Airlines Boeing 737-200 has overshot the runway at Abdul Rachman Saleh Airport, East Java, Indonesia after a domestic flight from Jakarta. Five passengers were injured in the accident, none of them seriously.

The aircraft’s nose landing gear is understood to have seperated in the incident, in which the aircraft skidded 260 feet from the end of the runway. Five of the 89 passengers and seven crew on board received cuts and bruises during the emergency evacuation that followed. It was raining heavily at the time, although it is not known if this is considered to have played a factor. The accident is currently under investigation. One potential cause being looked at is the fact that the forward landing gear axle is beleived to have snapped upon landing, setting off the chain of events.

Airport official Suradi described the scene to Reuters via telephone: “The plane now lies abandoned on the runway … Its head is slightly tilted down because the front wheel broke off.,”

About Flight Safety in Indonesia

The Indonesian aviation industry has been the subject of much criticism this year over safety concerns, sparked by a string of accidents including Adam Air 574, which crashed into the ocean, killing 102, Adam Air Flight 172, a nonfatal accident where a plane snapped in half, and Garuda Indonesia Flight 200, which overshot a runway at extreme speed, killing 21. All Indonesian airlines are on the list of air carriers banned in the EU, and the United States Federal Aviation Administration has downgraded Indonesia to it’s lowest safety rating.

Mandala Airlines B737-200

About Mandala Airlines 

Mandala Airlines was founded in 1967 and attained “First Category” of the Indonesian Aviation Safety Rank October 5, 2007. Their only fatal accident was the crash of Mandala Airlines Flight 091 in 2005, which killed 112 people. They are now under the implementation process of IATA’s Operational Safety Audit (IOSA) expected to finish in March 2008. After it Mandala will be the second airline in Indonesia with IATA certification. Its fleet consist of 10 planes: 4 B737-200s, 2 B737-400s, 1 A319 and 3 A320s. They have order for 25 A320s.

 Source: Reuters, Wikipedia 

By Szafi

President Of Brazil’s Aviation Authority Resigns

The head of Brazil’s National Civil Aviation Agency has resigned, following a fatal July airline accident in Sao Paulo.Milton Zuanazzi resigned Wednesday, under fire from Brazil’s Defense Minister for the country’s months-long aviation and air traffic controllers crisis.

Zuanazzi presided over the civilian agency through Brazil’s two deadliest plane crashes — a September 2006 midair involving a Gol Airlines 737 and a private business jet that claimed 154 lives, and the July 17 loss of a TAM Airlines A320 in a runway overrun at Congonhas. 199 people were killed when that jet landed fast on a rain-slicked runway, and impacted a building.

Defense Minister Nelson Jobim has openly criticized Zuanazzi’s handling of both crises, as well as striking air traffic controllers and technical problems plaguing the nation’s radar systems.

For his part, Zuanazzi said the final straw was a proposal from Jobim to increase the distance between seats on Brazilian airliners – a move Jobim says would increase safety, but Zuanazzi says would lead to higher air fares, shutting out the nation’s poorer residents.

“They don’t want poor people to fly,” Zuanazzi told a news conference, reports The Associated Press.

In my humble opinion both parties are arguin about something that has nothing to do with flight safety. It is not the matter of seating or the financial background of passengers, and Mr Zuanazzi should have resigned earlier. I hope the next president will have a clue about aviation.

Source: and AP

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Hawaiian Wins Against Mesa

This artcile is a follow-up on the lawsuit between Hawaiian Airlines and Mesa Group.

Hawaiian Airlines sued Mesa group for violating a confidentiality agreement. As AirlineWorld reported earlier, Hawaiian Airlines had a hard financial perioed early this year and was about to go bankrupt. There were companies interested in buying it, therefore they gave an insight to all their financial and operational data fot these potential buyers. Mesa group was one of them. Instead of buying Hawaiian Airlines, Mesa finally started a brand new low-cost airline called go!.

According to the court Hawaiian Airlines was right and Mesa really violated the confidentiality agreement, therefore it is forced to pay USD 80 million. Mesa says it will appeal against the decision, but will have to post a bond or letter of credit as security during the appeal process. See full article on ATW online.

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