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New Runway At Tel Aviv Airport

Israel’s main international airport in Tel Aviv opened the nearly two-mile-long runway on Wednesday. Officials said it would accommodate the new Airbus A380, the world’s biggest passenger plane.Renovations at the airport also aimed to address chronic safety problems caused by the limited view of the previous runway available to the control tower.

Speaking at the inauguration ceremony, Transportation Minister Shaul Mofaz said Israel has yet to fully meet international air-traffic safety and logistical standards, but that it should be addressed by 2009.

Tel Aviv - Ben Gurion Airport

According to Jerusalem Post the implementation a new runway monitoring system was started mid October following an “almost accident” situation, when an Italian charter plane was idling on the runway during the approach of an Israir jet. The pilot of the Israir plane saw the plane standing on the runway and notified the control tower, which could prevent the planes from colliding. The new monitoring system will use optical sensors and radar technology to avoid risky situations.

The news do not mention if other parts of the airport were also prepared for the handling of an A380, as AirlineWorld wrote about it earlier, there are more circumstances to consider around the reception of the giant plane. For Israel tourism is one of the key industries. The new terminal 3 was opened exactly 3 years ago (October 28, 2007) and it is really a huge and decorative building. Still, I am a little bit doubtful about A380s flying in to Tel Aviv in the near future. But let’s see. 🙂

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Sao Paulo – A Learjet Slams Into Heavily Populated Neighborhood Killing 8

An executive jet crashed in a heavily populated neighborhood of Sao Paulo on Sunday, killing at least eight people and turning homes into a pile of smoky rubble just months after the city was the site of Brazil’s deadliest air disaster.

The plane, a Learjet 35 belonging to a Brazilian air taxi company, slammed into several houses shortly after taking off, said Lucia Ferreira, a spokeswoman for airport authority Infraero.

The pilot, the co-pilot and at least six people on the ground were killed in the accident, including a child, according to Sao Paulo’s state public safety department and the airport authority.

 Crash - Sao PauloCrash - Sao Paulo

The plane was not carrying any passengers, according to a statement issued by the jet’s owner, Reali Taxi Aerea.

Investigators were trying to determine the cause of the crash, but Ferreira said there were no immediate indications that it was related to Brazil’s recent air-traffic chaos that reached a crisis point with the July 17 crash of a Tam Linhas Aereas SA jetliner, which slammed into a building in Sao Paulo, killing 199 people.

That crash happened at Sao Paulo’s Congonhas airport, widely criticized for having a short runway that makes landing tricky during rainy conditions.

The jet that crashed Sunday afternoon took off from the Campo de Marte airport, used by executive jets and helicopters, and was en route to Rio de Janeiro, Ferreira said.

Witnesses told Brazilian media the Learjet plowed nose first into the blue-collar neighborhood as it apparently tried to return to the airport during cloudy and slightly rainy conditions. One home was destroyed and at least one more was heavily damaged. More than 60 firefighters were still combing through the debris hours later.

Source: AP 

About Learjet


 Learjet 35

The Learjet Model 35 and Model 36 are a series of American multi-role business jets and military transports (designated by the U.S. Air Force as C-21A). Powered by two Garrett TFE731-2 turbofan engines, the 35 and 36 require a crew of two and can carry from six to eight passengers. With a speed of 440 knots, the 35 and 36 are among the fastest business jets. The 35 can seat seven passengers, with an eighth passenger on the jumpseat immediately behind the copilot. The first test took off in 1971.

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