Friday Fun – Good Airline Commercials I.

The following video collection is a bunch of good airline commercials. I think it’s not just me. We all love them. More airline commercials to the world! πŸ™‚

KLM 1 – Swan taking off I really love this series. Swan is an elegant, still somehow very funny animal and a very remarkable figure for KLM. This commercial is simple and very funny.

KLM 2 – Swan landing I think this is the better part of th series.

KLM 3 – Ain’t no mountain high enough A perfect song, a perfect match for an airline that wants to communicate reliability. The song is about being there when our loved one needs us.

British Airways – Absolutely my favourite airline commercial. I saw a film about how they created it. it’s just perfect. Thousands of people are conducted to form a smiling face from air that immediately turns into a globe by taking off their top t-shirt. (They have 2 t-shirts on and the second one helps them form earth.

Finnair – animation. I like it very much. I saw it many times in different business lounges in Europe and it reminds me of that period.

To be continued next Friday. Stay with us! πŸ™‚

By Szafi

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