Flight Review: British Airways

We have been considering writing flight reviews for some time, and now finally here is the first one.

British Airways Logo

Route: BUDAPEST-London/Gatwick-ATLANTA
Operating Airlines: oneworld: British Airways and Malev Hungarian Airlines
Travel Date: 06NOV2007

Ticket Purchase

I have bought the ticket through www.ba.com, which was a very nice experience. The website provides you with lowest price options on and around the days you have searched for showing the options in an easy-to-understand, coloured format. After selecting (confirming) your travel dates, it gives you a detailed list of all the available flight combinations, also colored so that you can easily recognize the cheapest option. What I really liked about the flight descriptions, that it explicitly tells you operational information after or between the concerned flights. For example it would tell you “Warning – your connection will involve travel between airports by coach or bus, the cost of which is not included in your fare.” And this text would be displayed between those two flights, where one arrives at Heathrow, while the other leaves from Gatwick. Really easy to understand, and very visual. After selecting your flights and providing passenger details you can pay for your trip with your credit card and upon successful payment, you receive a confirmation email immediately (as expected). The site also takes you immediately to the “Manage My Booking” section, that provides very usefull information and allows you to manage your booking. For example you can save time at the airport by filling out the APIS data (required for entry to the USA) online, you can also add frequent flier number if you forgot to add it at the time of the booking, and can change or upgrade your flights right from here, but can check the online entertainment options, including the movies you will be offered, too.

Offsetting Carbon Emissions 

You can also follow a link from the “Manage My Booking” page to offset your carbon-dioxide emissions with Climate Care (http://www.climatecare.org/britishairways/calculators/) using a pollution calculator. For this particular return flight my emmission is 1,86 t of CO2, which costed me EUR 20,75 to offset. Climate Care has also sent me a British Airways co-branded Certificate to certify that I have offset the CO2 generated by my return flight.
(Being curious I have also checked the Lufthansa website partnered with myclimate.org, launched a few months ago, and to my surprise for the same route it calculated: 1,705 t of CO2, and suggested a compensation of EUR 34. Where the difference comes from, I don’t know…)


To be in control of my seats, I chose to check-in online. It opens 24 hours before the actual flight (each flight opens individually). Unfortunately check-in for the BUD-LGW segment was not available on the BA website, as it is operated by Malev Hungarian Airlines. But for the British Airways flight, I could check-in flawlessly, where I got a pre-assigned seat, which I could change while using a seat-map of the actual aircraft that I was going to fly. The process is very straight forward, and easy to understand I think. After the successful transaction I printed my boarding pass on a normal A4 size paper, that included a bar code for later identification at the airport. The website also gave me check-in summary after completing it. Unlike some other airlines, BA did not replace this home-printed paper with a magnetic stripe “traditional” boarding pass at the airport, this was the only boarding paper I used to get on my flight.

Due to the above mentioned situation I also used the check-in desks at Budapest, where they checked me in quickly for the Budapest-London segment, but they had no information of my other already self-checked-in segment. They could not confirm if I actually have 35A as my seat or not, but she said she can not do anything with my second flight (the systems blocks her) and suggested that I look for a BA transfer desk at Gatwick. She could check-in my luggage all the way, though. Upon arrival to Gatwick I contacted BA Ticket desk in the transit area, and the lady there was also very nice, told me that indeed I have 35A, but even though my luggage was checked-in all the way in Budapest already, she does not see it in the system. So I gave her my bag-tag, which then she recorded in their system.

Malev B737-700 (HA-LOL)

1. BUDAPEST – LONDON GATWICK (BA 4450 operated by Malev: MA 612)

Aircraft: Boeing 737-700NG (HA-LOL), new, clean, comfortable aircraft operated by Malev Hungarian Airlines
Class: Economy
Punctuality: Flight took off 10 minutes late, arrived exactly on time.
Boarding: After a long-long queue at the security (airport’s responsibility) I had to rush to the gate, otherwise it was OK
Seats: Full leather seats in both classes, with average legroom
Flight Attendants: There were 4 of them, 3 young girls and 1 older purser. Two of the girls were very good looking, all of them were very friendly.
Meals: We got hot breakfast of scrambled eggs, beans and a wurst as well as freshly warmed/heated buns. Also got orange juice and tea, could have gotten a wide variety of soft drinks, or wine or beer.
Entertainment: There are LCD screens above the seats per every three-four rows in the aircraft, which play Malev and Hungary PR material throughout the whole flight.

G-VIIF Boeing 777


Aircraft: Boeing 777-200 (G-VIIF), not so new, at some places worn-down aircraft operated by British Airways
Class: Economy
Punctuality: Flight took off 10 minutes late, arrived 30 minutes ahead of schedule.
Boarding: The security at Gatwick was very long, I was happy I had a three hour layover so I didn’t have to run, and I could relax while standing in the line. It was confusing that when finally they put up on the screens that we need to go to gate 55, while walking there I caught the last few words of an announcement saying that passenger flying to Atlanta should proceed to gate 59. It doesn’t sound that bad, but the gates are on two different sides of Gatwick, so it would have caused a running excercise if the announcement proves true. As I wasn’t sure if it was about my flight (there was another flight to Atlanta about an hour after mine) I went to the gate which was on the screens – it was a good decision as that was our gate. After the gate-boarding pass check-in there were seats available for only about half of the passengers, so either be there early or arrive late! Other than that, boarding went smoothly.
Seats: Full leather seats with proper legroom, as comfortable as a regular economy seat can get. Tip: if legroom is important for you don’t get a window seat, as the entertainment cables go on the window seat’s chairleg, which reduces free legroom. It doesn’t really leave you the option to put a laptop bag under the seat in front of you for example.
Flight Attendants: They really did their job of serving meals and overlooking the passengers for security. That’s all they did. No special smile or service, dry English manner.

Main meal on BA2227  Snack Meal on BA 2227

Meals: Not so long after take-off we received a small pack of snacks with drinks and later on the main meal. The choice was chicken or pasta, I took the chicken with assorted vegetables (potatoes, broccoli and mashed carrots). The taste was good, just like that of the standard salad (with fish) and the blackberry pie. The Twix chocolate bar tasted as everywhere around the world. The bun was not fresh and not warmed, not tasty at all. The white wine was OK, but it’s probably not award winning, either. Shortly before landing we got another “meal” which was a small pre-packed sandwhich with a small carrot-cake with raisins and a pack of dried fruits. Drinks were served once again. During the flight if somebody wanted to get snacks or extra drinks, the kitchen in the back of the plane was always “open”.

Dangling armrest on BA   Dangling armrest on BA 2.

Entertainment: Every passenger in economy has their own LCD screen and built-in remote control in the armrest. My armrest was really worn-down and actually broken. The dirty looking plastic cover was living it’s own life, as you can see on the pictures above. It should be dangling around like this, it was annoying. Just like the fact that I tried 2 headphones where each had only one side working, then I put on my own headphones which just worked properly. As it is a Skype enabled one, the flight attendants spotted it and brought a third one to try, which finally worked on both sides! It may only be me, but I always get a half- or non-working headphone set on my long-haul flights at first… On the other hand, the radio stations were OK, and the movies, too. The movies start at un-announced times, all movies starting at the same time. I watched three of them: Die Hard 4, Ocean’s Thirteen and Knocked Up.
Amenities: Each economy passenger received a bag of socks, and toothbrush-toothpaste.

Overall Experience

Despite the minor glitches on the BA flight with the entertainment (armrest and headphones) I would take this flight again, I had a good time onboard both oneworld flights. A big advantage was the convenient schedule (leaving Budapest at 7:10 and arriving in Atlanta at 16:25) and the pricetag: this return flight costed USD 1072, with the purchase taking place exactly one week before the departure (so relatively late).

by balint01

11 Responses to “Flight Review: British Airways”

  1. 1 balint01 January 5, 2008 at 6:32 pm

    The choice of beer in economy class on BA longhaul: Heineken, Carlsberg, London Pride.

  2. 2 Rachel July 10, 2008 at 7:59 pm

    After asking several people about their experiences on British Airlines, I’m torn. Half of the people I talk to love the airlines and say it’s undoubtedly the best European airline right now. They say the staff was friendly, it’s good for London connections and traveling around Europe, and the customer service is particularly helpful. The other half hate BA and say they refuse to fly with them ever again. They say the flights are often delayed, the crew members will lie to justify their actions and the seats are uncomfortably small. On http://www.viewpoints.com, British Airlines got 3.12 stars out of 5–which plants it firmly in the middle. I suppose it depends on your individual trip, but BA could definitely use a little bit more consistency.


  3. 3 balint01 July 27, 2008 at 2:03 pm

    Hi Rachel,

    Well, as with many other things, I believe with airlines, the opinion also depends on the individuals… To be honest, I think there is no big difference between the services of the Western European airlines flying to trans-atlantic destinations nowadays. The difference lies with the small things, and consistency should probably be one of those. In my opinion your experiences with a particular airline may also depend on which aircraft you have flown on, as the conditions and even the services (especially for entertainment) very often differ between the old and new airplanes of the same airline company. It’s hard to make a fool-proof judgement of an airlines based on just one (or two) flights actually.

    Thanks for the link, though!

  4. 4 I. Kasekwa September 10, 2008 at 5:18 pm

    Need to confirm the weight I supposed to carry in Business class From London to Dar es salaam.

  5. 5 balint01 September 11, 2008 at 9:27 am

    We are not British Airways, we are simply an airline themed blog, but you can find all baggage allowances on the BA website:


  6. 6 Sarah September 24, 2008 at 2:48 am

    I am Cabin Crew for BA. I do my job exactly the same way every flight, I smile, say please and thankyou, and do everything I can to make each passenger happy. Some expect nothing from you, so even a smile can make them really pleased, others expect silver service, and to be waited on hand and foot. Often passengers dont realise that after the main meal service, half the crew go on their break, so it works out that for 3/4 of the flight, there is only 1 crew member to about 40 passengers.
    Also there are alot of crew who have been doing the job for far to long and are just sick of the tiny little constant complaints, and have just had enough. They annoy me.
    British Airways is definately one of the best airlines in the world, especially compaired to some U.S airlines, Thank you to all you guys who come back to us everytime, we really appreciate it 😀 x

  7. 7 Mr. Gaspar Krantz October 10, 2008 at 5:37 am

    I would like to fly from London /Heatrow/ to Budapest with the British-Malev Air on 21 or 22 of december 2008.
    Can you please find the cheepest price for me!

    Thank you very much!

  8. 8 szafi October 10, 2008 at 9:11 am

    Dear Mr Krantz,

    unfortunately we’re not a travel agency, but before you go to one, I recopmmend you to use Amadeus.net

    I wish you a nice stay at our beloved home city! 🙂

  9. 9 balint01 October 10, 2008 at 10:49 am

    You may also check:




    Usually the same exact flights are about 10-15% cheaper if you book on the Malev website. And book as soon as you can, because Christmas time is usually very busy and tickets get really expensive very quickly, especially on those last days right before Christmas.

  10. 10 suresh November 11, 2008 at 8:09 pm

    BA is very very bad, my family traveling from USA to my home town India our US visa got expired. whne i book ticketes there is no instruction or note relatred to visa. now they did allowed us to travel and for postpone date the looted my money. charged 50% of my ticket. these people are cheating , can any one help me hwo can i goto consumer court.

  11. 11 balint01 November 12, 2008 at 11:38 am

    Hi Suresh!
    I’m not a BA employee, or have no other connections to them, but they also probably state it in their conditions of carriage (or terms of carriage) that a passenger is responsible for their own travel documents – just like all Airlines tend to have this sentence in their equivalent rules document somewhere. Usually airlines only check the passports and visas at check-in – which presumably happened in your case as well – and refuse to transport you if there are problems with them. (If your destination country does not allow you to enter, the airline is responsible for taking you back to your origin – with all costs, thus they try to minimize their risk.)
    Once you were refused to travel, it becomes a “regular” situation of you wanting to change your ticket, which is usually very costly…
    I fully understand that you were not happy with this situation, but from my experience I can only say that probably the same thing would have happened if you fly with any other airline – it’s not really a BA specific claim.
    My suggestion is to carefully read their “General Conditions of Carriage for Passengers and Baggage” which I looked up for you:
    and only file such a claim if there is nothing about the passenger being responsible for their travel documents…

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