Bush Urges Action For Less Delays

US President George Bush had a public White House meeting yesterday with Transportation Secretary Mary Peters and FAA Acting Administrator Bobby Sturgell. The goal of the discussion was finding ways to push airlines towards taking better care of their passengers in the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday season.

US airports in general are crowded, but holiday seasons are almost impossible to handle. US domestic airlines will carry 27 million travellers in the holiday season starting today. Bush offered the opening of “Thanksgiving Express Lanes,” freeing some of the military’s dedicated airspace to commercial airlines along the Eastern seaboard for five days around the Thanksgiving holiday.  Meanwhile, airlines have pledged to make more workers available for passenger check-ins, baggage handling and relief for bumped passengers, as well as additional ticket-dispensing kiosks.

On the long run Bush recommended more serious steps in order to force airlines to reduce delays, such as:

– congestion pricing of airport fees, so in rush hours airlies would pay more, thus they would spread their flight hours more

– higher compensation for passengers pushed off from overbooked flights

Airlines’ first reactions were negative about these long term steps, especially about congestion pricing, but Peters said: she will issue a proposal to require airlines to adopt “legally binding contingency plans for extended tarmac delays”.

Meanwhile FAA has opened a Web site — www.fly.faa.gov  — enabling travelers to check travel delay times at airports.

By Szafi

1 Response to “Bush Urges Action For Less Delays”

  1. 1 achraf December 4, 2007 at 2:07 pm

    I think these are two more bad ideas .How can you charge the airlines without expecting more taxes from them on the tickets to pay these extras.No airline would pay from it s pockets .I think it s the contrary that must happen .The government has to support the airlines by reducing the charges and hence allowing the airlines to discount more the tickets fares . Unless the Government distribute free ticket on thinksgiving ,this sounds non realistic.

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