Friday Fun – Good Airline Commercials II.

Following last week’s collection of Airline commercials by Szafi, here is the second edition. 

Air France 1. – “Pool”. This is one of my favourite commercials ever, it connects two supposedly totally different things: a pool on a mountain top and air travel. The perfect atmosphere shown in this ad just makes you believe that AF flights are so relaxing… It’s a brilliant idea to connect pool visuals with airliner sounds, and it is also great work that the water and the horizon moves like if the pool-side would be a turning aircraft itself.

Air France 2. – “Lake”. This is the second part of the series, where again total relaxation and water is connected to air travel. And again they use a typical airline in-flight sound in the ad, which makes you feel you’re onboard.

SN Brussels – “It’s A Boy”. This is also a long-time favourite, showing the customer centered, passionate SN Brussels Airlines.

Brussels Airlines – “New Airline is Born”. Another one from Belgium, which is looking very strange at some points, showing the “love” and unification of SN Brussels and Virgin Express, while the new Brussels Airlines is born. Personally I haven’t seen it on TV, I’m not sure it ever made it there actually.

Delta Airlines – Planes and Dolphins – Adiemus. The song made it to more fame after this commercial. I could only find the French version, but I think it was played in many countries around the world around 1994.

by balint01


1 Response to “Friday Fun – Good Airline Commercials II.”

  1. 1 szafi November 16, 2007 at 5:30 pm

    Good ones! I haven’t seen the Air France series yet, the new baby Brussels Airlines is rather weird, but the SN Brussels “it’s a boy” was great and the Delta commercial just made me nostalgic. 🙂

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