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Friday Fun – Good Airline Commercials III.

Today again I have collected some nice airline commercials as I did in an earlier post.

1. Lufthansa 50 years
An image ad about the 50 years old Lufthansa’s past and present.

2. Qantas – I still call Australia home
A nice Qantas commercial, although it is not th best ever, but…

3. Qantas parody
…here is the parody of the previous commercial. Now you’ll understand why I found that one important to place it here. 🙂

By Szafi

Malev Boeing 767 In New Dress

Malev stopped its Budapest – New York and Budapest – Toronto flights on 25 October 2007, because these flights were not profitable. At that time the airline’s management studied the possibility of having the plane rented or leased.

In the meantime deal was apparently done with Midle East’s Oman Air, the flag carrier of the Sultanate of Oman. Oman Air was founded in 1993 and operates flights from its Muscat hub to main Middle Eastern destination like Dubai, Bahrein, Abudhabi, Doha and South-Eastern Asian countries like India, Bangladesh or Pakistan.

Malev plane in its new dress

Photo: Viktor Laszlo

Oman Air uniforms

Oman Air will rent the plane for five months as a start, but the contract may be extended. It is not just the plane that received new dress. Oman Air rented flight crew from Malev as well. The plane is under testing in Hungary now and it will be delivered to its new user, Oman Air.

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