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Tarom – Boeing 737 Accident

On 30 December 2007 a Boeing 737 of Romania’s airliner Tarom hit a vehicle located on the runway of Otopeni airport while operating its takeoff maneuver towards Egypt’s Sharm El Sheikh, but no passenger was injured.

Tarom 737 Just before 11:00 in the morning a team of maintenance workers entered runway 08R at OTP to do maintenance work on the center lights. The maintenance team consisted of four workers and two vehicles. Two of the workers were working at about 600 meters from the treshold and the other two workers were working at about 1500 meters from the treshold. Visibility at the time was poor due to thick fog.

At 11:04 the runway was vacated by both vehicles due to landing traffic. At 11:06 they were recleared to enter the runway. At 11:25:13 flight ROT3107, a Boeing 737-300, was cleared to enter runway 08R for takeoff. The flight was cleared for takeoff at 11:26:07. Between 11:26:40 and 11:26:50 the control tower asked the maintenance workers if the runway was clear but got no reply.

Accellerating for takeoff, at a speed of about 90 kts, the Boeing 737 hit a car 600 m past the runway threshold with the nr.1 engine and with the left landing gear. The aircraft ran off the left side of the runway and came to rest 137 meters left of the centerline and 950 meters from the treshold.

When the incident occurred, two people were standing near the vehicle, but they were not injured. 117 passengers and 6 crew members were evacuated through emergency exists.

The boeing was seriously damaged.

By Szafi

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