Bolivian Plane Crash Lands In A Swamp

A Bolivian Boeing 727 passenger jet carrying 151 passengers and 8 crew members crash landed in a swamp short of the airport of the city of Trinidad after being diverted due to bad weather conditions.

The plane took off after an hour delay due to unspecified technical problems from La Paz, Bolivia. (See the map below.) There were heavy storms in the area and instead of the original destination of Cobija, Bolivia, it was diverted to Trinidad. The aircraft was about to land when the crew experienced failure of both engines and decided to force land short of the airport on a flooded forest clearing.


“We noticed the engines went out, and there was this calm,” Paolo Bravo, a Bolivian senator who was on board, told the radio network Erbol. “Then they told us, ‘Crash positions! Crash positions!’ and it was just another two or three seconds before we hit,” he said.

Fortunately nobody was killed in the accident, although more passengers were injured and taken to nearby hospitals.

The airline Lloyd Aereo Boliviano (LAB) operated the charter flight for another Bolivian carrier, Transporte Aereo Militar. LAB had only 2 planes and it was often in the news for going in and out of bankruptcy. According to LAB’s spokesman the reason of the crash was still under investigation.

The following photos were taken by the local media.

LAB B-727 accident LAB B-727 accidentLAB B-727 accident

By Szafi

2 Responses to “Bolivian Plane Crash Lands In A Swamp”

  1. 1 Guillermo February 7, 2008 at 8:55 pm

    It seems that the crew did good planning before crashing. All the odds were against. You can not predict a thundershower in that part of the world. I have seen cumulus formating in less than 20 minutes and tops reaching 32000 ft. Chin up LAB!!!! You can make it!!! Keep being the original bolivian flag carrier!!!!

  2. 2 Edgar January 19, 2009 at 1:25 pm

    Congratulations to the U.S. Airways crew that avoided a major catastrophe when they managed to fly the plane into the Hudson River saving more than 150 people. Did someone congratulate the bolivian pilots for their skill in saving as many lives last year?

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