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Southwest Airlines Flew Unsafe Planes

This is the title of a CNN article that says that as of March last year Southwest Airlines flew 117 planes without regular safety checks. If that is right, it is the most serious violation of safetly regulations in the US.

CNN’s article quotes from documents submitted by FAA to  congressional investigators with the recommendation to call a hearing as soon as possible to find out more about the reason of this quite unusual business decision of the airline.

The FAA investigator said the airline’s managers knew the planes were unsafe and unairworthy, but still they kept flying them that way putting passengers’ (and crew’s) lives at risk.

I myself was kind of shocked reading the article and I am wondering what you think about it. If this story is true and one of the oldest and most prestigous low cost airlines did that, that will completely destroy the image of low cost airlines.

Here is the full article.

We’ll follow the story.

By Szafi 

United Airlines Low Approach at Frankfurt

Following last weekend’s lucky but scary Lufthansa landing in strong crosswind, here’s another interesting video, again from Germany, but this time from the busy Frankfurt International Airport, where a retiring United Airlines captain was given the chance to make a low approach and a fly-by on his last flight as a commercial airliner captain, who even “waves goodbye” with his Jumbo Jet. It’s really nice from the ATC (Air Traffic Control) to allow such an event, it was probably one of the least busy periods of the day.

If any of you were on that flight, please share your experiences with the readers of this blog!

[Andreas and Thomas, thanks for the link!]

by balint01

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