Special Iron Maiden Livery

It has been quite a while since we last wrote about Bruce Dickinson and his big jet. As you learn from that article, celebs often fly themselves as pilots. Bruce Dickinson, the lead singer of Iron Maiden for example is an official pilot for a UK based small charter airline called Astraeus.

Now the famous rock band Iron Maiden is again up for something fresh and new. They are on their new “Somewhre back in time” tour. Well, this is nothing special so far, is it?

The big thing is that now fans can join the band on board their tour jet – with Mr Brucwe Dickinson himself as first officer on it, fly with them to the scene of the next concert, stay at a hotel and fly back together with them the next day. The funky thing is that the whole package costs only £349 – £399 depending on the scene.

B757 with special Iron Maiden livery

Costs also include:

Captain Bruce Dickinson– Exclusive themed Bruce Air ED FORCE ONE goodie bag
– Personally signed photo of Bruce in Ed Force One
– Standing ticket to the Iron Maiden concert
– Bus transfers at destination to venue and to and from hotel where trip includes hotel.

The aircraft itself has a special Iron Maiden livery with the skull known from the album cover on the tail of the Boeing 757. You can book your flight on the special charter with Captain Bruce Dickinson on Brucair666.com now. You can read more on Iron Maiden’s official website.

(Photo: http://www.ironmaiden.com)

By Szafi

1 Response to “Special Iron Maiden Livery”

  1. 1 Jack May 15, 2008 at 10:55 pm

    The 75 really looks sharp in this livery, and Maiden is really the greatest metal band!

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