Flight Attendant Sets Fire Onboard

Fire on a planeAn angry flight attendant took a very strange revenge on the management of the airline he worked for. The 19 year-old flight attendant disliked the route he was assigned to. He had to work on the flight of a Compass Airlines (a subsidiary of Northwest Airlines) from Minneapolis to Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada. Regina must not be the worst place on eart, where airlines fly, it is is in South Canada, somewhere between Winnipeg and Calgary. At this time of the year even the weather should be okay.

Still the angry flight attendant decided to “stand up for his rights” in a very dangerous way. He lit a roll of toilet paper in the lavatory of the plane. The smoke set the smoke alarm in the cockpit off and in the emergency situation he himself rushed to put the fire out with the help of a passenger.

The Embraer 175 made an emergency landing in Fargo, ND and soon after the investigation started it turned out that the fire was caused by the young flight attendant. None of the 72 passengers and four crew members abourd was injured.

I hope other airlines filter out psychopaths in a smarter way.

By Szafi

1 Response to “Flight Attendant Sets Fire Onboard”

  1. 1 mathetes June 4, 2008 at 7:24 pm

    why do something that stupid?

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