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Friday Fun – Pushback by Hand

Following our last Friday Fun Article about the Russian display at the Farnborough Air Show, here is another Russian related video, again nominated by my friend, Gaba – Thanks!

This time the strong Russians as pushing back the An-124 cargo aircraft by hand (weights 175.000 kgs empty)!

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Virgin Atlantic Seat Covers Worn Again

Virgin Atlantic seems to take its promise seriously that it wants to become the most environmentally friendly airline in a few years. Following biofuel based flight test promises, their latest new initiative is based around the remodeling of their economy cabin. The remodeling means new seat covers among many other things, which would be thrown away – would they not be so environmentally responsible.

But they are, thus they have teamed up with Worn Again to recycle those seat covers. Worn Again is a company producing consumer goods – mostly fashionable footwear and accessories from already worn down materials such as military tents, used car tyres, seatbelts, etc. And now they have added to their Ingredients the worn down aircraft seat covers from Virgin Atlantic. To celebrate this partnership, they have rolled out a new fashion line called Worn Again Virgin – all the models in this range include some used seat-cover material. The Worn Again Virgin range, which includes the ‘Ollie’ wash bag, the ‘Sherman’ male messenger bag, ‘Lydia’ and ‘Romero’ ladies handbags are available to buy from 1 September 2008. The bags include an ‘Ingredients’ label which lists the all the materials that make up the bags – such as Virgin Atlantic seat covers, car safety belts, Glastonbury tents and bicycle tyres.

Virgin Seat Covers Recycled to Worn Again Lydia Bags (background picture from - by Frans Zwart)

Virgin Seat Covers Recycled to Worn Again Lydia Bags (background picture from - by Frans Zwart)

Lysette Gauna, Creative Director for Virgin Atlantic, commented: “Virgin Atlantic is committed to taking practical steps to make its business as sustainable as possible. From investing in new technologies, to lobbying the aircraft manufacturers, through to championing new ideas – we believe that actions speak louder than words. This is a fun and creative way to recycle our waste and we are sure these fabulous limited edition bags will be very popular as well as giving people the chance to own a little piece of Virgin Atlantic history.

Waste reduction is a big focus for Virgin Atlantic. The airline has successfully reduced the waste it produces in its offices and ground operations significantly and continues to work hard to reduce the waste it produces in the air. The airline has set itself a very ambitious target to reduce the waste it sends to landfill from its aircraft by 50% by 2012.

Worn Again Virgin Charlie Bag

Worn Again Virgin Charlie Bag

A total of 2000 limited edition bags has already been produced in Portugal with materials from approximately 1000 seats. The materials were donated by Virgin Atlantic to Worn Again following the refit of its economy cabin. Worn Again Virgin bags will be available at Terra Plana stores around the world and on the Worn Again website.

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Video About The Spanair Crash

A month ago Spanair’s flight JK 5022 crashed during take-off, killing 153 people.

As investigation goes on and tries to identify the cause of the accident, lots of families mourn their relatives and friends. This is a tragedy and I am sure that even a lifetime is not enough to deal with such a meaningless death.

Therefore I was shocked by a video that was presented by Spanish media company El Pais. It is an amateur video and it shows the crash itself. I understand that it is a unique video, but it must be a horror for those who lost their family members or friends in this terrible accident.

Here is the video, I hope I will not hurt anybody with it, because I am almost sure relatives of the victims have already seen it somewhere else.

By Szafi

88 killed in Aeroflot Boeing 737 crash – with pictures

Aeroflot Nord’s flight 821 was on its way from Moscow to the city of Perm, when it blew up in the air during its descent to Perm. Local residents told the media they heard a huge blast, then the plane rocketed towards the ground like a comet. Fragments of the plane were scattered over an area of four square kilometers and it even destroyed a part of the Trans-Siberian railway.

According to the official statement of the airline radio contact with flight SU821 was lost at 1,100 metres as the plane was descending for its landing at Perm; at the same time the plane’s signal was lost on air traffic controllers’ displays. Wreckage of the plane has been found within the boundaries of the city of Perm. The plane was totally destroyed and had caught fire.

82 people and 6 crew members were onboard. According to the news nobody survived the crash. Among the passengers there were seven children and 21 foreigners including Ukrainian, Swiss, Italian, Latvian, French, German and Turkish citizens.

General Gennady Troshev, a former commander of Russia’s war in Chechnya, was named among the victims. He was accused of permitting soldiers to commit vicious abuses of human rights during the campaign and was sacked by then President Vladimir Putin in 2002.

The list of passengers is available now on the website of Aeroflot.

Aeroflot is Russia’s flag carrier, Aerflot Nord is a subsidiary that operates flights domestic Russia. Aeroflot had a bad accident statistics in the mid 90s, but after they modernized their fleet, they had no serious accidents. According to Aviation Safety Network this was the first accident of Aeroflot Nord.

Spokesman of the airline said the 15-year-old plane was in a good condition and it had a full safety check this year. The plane was registered as VP-BKO with Aeroflot Nord since 14MAR2008 and first flew on in 08SEP1992 in Braathens colors for about two weeks before moving to China and beginning operations with Xiamen Airlines on 24SEP 1992, where it remained for 15.5 years.

We will follow up with the news and updates of this accident.

Update September 15: according to the first results of investigation, engine problems may have caused the accident of Flight 821.

Alexander Bastrykin, head of a federal committee investigating the accident, said the crash “was apparently connected to technical failure and a fire in the right engine” but did not provide evidence to support the claim.

Aeroflot officials said the plane was circling at about 3,600 feet in “difficult weather conditions” — including low cloud cover and rain — when it suddenly crashed.

Flight controller Irek Bikbov who was in contact with the doomed aircraft prior to the crash told Russia’s Channel One television that the plane’s pilot was behaving in a strange way, disobeying orders to go lower on the final approach and instead taking the jet to a higher altitude. He said the aircraft also turned left when he instructed it to turn right.

When he asked the pilot whether things were normal on board, the pilot answered positively but his voice was strained as if under stress, Bikbov said.

He was behaving in a strange manner and wasn’t following my orders,” Bikbov said.

The plane’s flight recorders have been found, and officials said it will take three to four weeks to analyze them as they sustained “serious damage” and are in “poor condition,” adding that “additional work using special equipment” would be required before any information could be extracted.


By Szafi

Daydreaming On September 11

7 years today

Again a year passed. Our generation will never forget the panic. It was such a trauma for everyone in the world, that it easily achieved 3rd place on the top list of modern history. Although the position on this list is negotiable, but I believe that it is right after Hitler’s acts during world war II and after the nuke bomb in Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Terrorism is not war. Terrorism is crime. I am sure those people on board of those planes and the ones in World Trade Center had nothing to do with oil or with high-level politics or with any relegion’s leaders. I am sure they never heard a word about those terrorists or their families and they had nothing to do with anybody, who gave money to these people.

Now that it is September 11, emotions get stronger again. I was thinking to myself this morning:

How did the relatives of those terrorists sleep this night? What did they dream of and what did they think, when they got up this morning? What was their first thought, when they drank their cup of coffee? Do they think their son is a hero? Do they think their son is a mass murderer? Do they think about the relatives of the victims? Do they care what the relatives of the victims dreamt about this night and what their first thought was when they got up this morning and drank their cup of coffee?

Mankind…the most stupid race on the surface of this planet, when will we learn not to believe what politicians say? When do we learn not to believe what relegions and religious leaders say? When will we learn we are weapons in the deepest, darkest drawer of some weirdos’ living room? When will we learn that the only value is life itself?

On September 11 2008 we feel for those, who lost their sons, their wives, their daughters, their mothers, their sisters, their brothers, their husbands, their cousins, their friends, their colleagues in this crime – which again is not a war.

By Szafi

Friday Fun – Russian Display At Farnborough 2008

What do you do if you want to sell aircraft parts? You probably attend Air Shows, as you can meet most of your potential customers there. But which one to attend? The Farnborough International Air Show is one of the biggest, if not The biggest, thus you go there. But there are so many competitors, and you find it hard to stand-out? Maybe next time try the Russian way, shown here at the Klimov Pavilion:

According to some comments, the “display” has been shut down by Wednesday by the organizers…

Special thanks to my friend Gabor for pointing me to this video.

by balint01

Canadair Regional Jet CRJ 1000 Takes First Flight

With all the news about delayed airliner programmes such as the Airbus A380, the Boeing 787 Dreamliner, or even the Sukhoi Superjet, it is good news that a new aircraft type has taken to the skies for the first time yesterday, from Montreal Mirabel in Canada: Bombarider’s CRJ 1000. (To see clearly, we have to mention that this is not a completely new aircraft as those mentioned above, it is the extended version of the operational CRJ-900 regional jet.)

CRJ-1000 Next Gen Prototype - c by Justin Jones at

CRJ-1000 Next Gen Prototype - c by Justin Jones at

The prototype flew a 3 hr. 25 min. first flight, reaching a maximum speed of 260 kt. and an altitude of 30,000 ft.

We put the gear up, operated the flaps and slats and exercised our fly-by-wire rudder,” pilot Jacques Thibaudeau said. “The aircraft handled similarly to the smaller CRJ900 airliner so flight crews will not have a problem transitioning.

Bombardier launched the (86-)100-seat CRJ1000 program in early 2007 and has tallied 63 firm orders, with first delivery slated for the 2009 fourth quarter. The prototype will make a few more flights from Mirabel and then head to Wichita for further testing in preparation for review by Transport Canada, US FAA and EASA.

The 1000 is 3 m longer than the CRJ-900 with an Maximum Take Off Weight of 91,800 lb and a range of 1,610 nautical miles.

(based on ATW News)

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