Daydreaming On September 11

7 years today

Again a year passed. Our generation will never forget the panic. It was such a trauma for everyone in the world, that it easily achieved 3rd place on the top list of modern history. Although the position on this list is negotiable, but I believe that it is right after Hitler’s acts during world war II and after the nuke bomb in Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Terrorism is not war. Terrorism is crime. I am sure those people on board of those planes and the ones in World Trade Center had nothing to do with oil or with high-level politics or with any relegion’s leaders. I am sure they never heard a word about those terrorists or their families and they had nothing to do with anybody, who gave money to these people.

Now that it is September 11, emotions get stronger again. I was thinking to myself this morning:

How did the relatives of those terrorists sleep this night? What did they dream of and what did they think, when they got up this morning? What was their first thought, when they drank their cup of coffee? Do they think their son is a hero? Do they think their son is a mass murderer? Do they think about the relatives of the victims? Do they care what the relatives of the victims dreamt about this night and what their first thought was when they got up this morning and drank their cup of coffee?

Mankind…the most stupid race on the surface of this planet, when will we learn not to believe what politicians say? When do we learn not to believe what relegions and religious leaders say? When will we learn we are weapons in the deepest, darkest drawer of some weirdos’ living room? When will we learn that the only value is life itself?

On September 11 2008 we feel for those, who lost their sons, their wives, their daughters, their mothers, their sisters, their brothers, their husbands, their cousins, their friends, their colleagues in this crime – which again is not a war.

By Szafi


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