Virgin Atlantic Seat Covers Worn Again

Virgin Atlantic seems to take its promise seriously that it wants to become the most environmentally friendly airline in a few years. Following biofuel based flight test promises, their latest new initiative is based around the remodeling of their economy cabin. The remodeling means new seat covers among many other things, which would be thrown away – would they not be so environmentally responsible.

But they are, thus they have teamed up with Worn Again to recycle those seat covers. Worn Again is a company producing consumer goods – mostly fashionable footwear and accessories from already worn down materials such as military tents, used car tyres, seatbelts, etc. And now they have added to their Ingredients the worn down aircraft seat covers from Virgin Atlantic. To celebrate this partnership, they have rolled out a new fashion line called Worn Again Virgin – all the models in this range include some used seat-cover material. The Worn Again Virgin range, which includes the ‘Ollie’ wash bag, the ‘Sherman’ male messenger bag, ‘Lydia’ and ‘Romero’ ladies handbags are available to buy from 1 September 2008. The bags include an ‘Ingredients’ label which lists the all the materials that make up the bags – such as Virgin Atlantic seat covers, car safety belts, Glastonbury tents and bicycle tyres.

Virgin Seat Covers Recycled to Worn Again Lydia Bags (background picture from - by Frans Zwart)

Virgin Seat Covers Recycled to Worn Again Lydia Bags (background picture from - by Frans Zwart)

Lysette Gauna, Creative Director for Virgin Atlantic, commented: “Virgin Atlantic is committed to taking practical steps to make its business as sustainable as possible. From investing in new technologies, to lobbying the aircraft manufacturers, through to championing new ideas – we believe that actions speak louder than words. This is a fun and creative way to recycle our waste and we are sure these fabulous limited edition bags will be very popular as well as giving people the chance to own a little piece of Virgin Atlantic history.

Waste reduction is a big focus for Virgin Atlantic. The airline has successfully reduced the waste it produces in its offices and ground operations significantly and continues to work hard to reduce the waste it produces in the air. The airline has set itself a very ambitious target to reduce the waste it sends to landfill from its aircraft by 50% by 2012.

Worn Again Virgin Charlie Bag

Worn Again Virgin Charlie Bag

A total of 2000 limited edition bags has already been produced in Portugal with materials from approximately 1000 seats. The materials were donated by Virgin Atlantic to Worn Again following the refit of its economy cabin. Worn Again Virgin bags will be available at Terra Plana stores around the world and on the Worn Again website.

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