New Airbus A380 Flights to Paris

Singapore Airlines, the first operator of the Airbus A380 has announced that it will fly to Paris Charles-de-Gaulle starting June 1, 2009 from its Singapore homebase. This will be the first service to the continental Europe operated by an A380 superjumbo. The new daily flight will replace the existing 10-times-weekly Singapore-Paris flight, that has been operated by Boeing 777.300ER.

Singapore was the first one to bring the A380 to London Heathrow nearly 10 months ago, and now is the first one to operate this aircraft type to Paris. They have passed the 2000th flight with an A380 with more than 20,000 flying hours, and are currently the largest operator of the type, already having 6 aircraft in service, each equipped with 471 seats in three cabins. First class features the famous and revolutionary Singapore Airlines Suites, a new and luxurious class of travel with each Suite enclosed by sliding doors for privacy, and a full-sized flat bed that is separate from the seat. Paris will be the carrier’s fourth A380 destination after London Heathrow (twice-daily), Sydney and Tokyo Narita (each daily) and will follow the delivery of the seventh and eighth aircraft. It has a further 13 Airbus superjumbos on order.


Flight Number 

 Daily Departure Time

 Daily Arrival Time

(From June 1, 2009)



 0655hrs + 1

(From June 2, 2009)



 0655hrs + 1

Separately, Singapore Airlines is very close to reaching another exciting milestone less than one and a half years after the inaugural flight, as they are expecting to fly the one millionth A380 customer in February 2009, less than only four months after the first anniversary of launching A380 commercial services.  The Airline is expecting to welcome its first millionth customer onboard the A380 in the month of February, and is planning to surprise the lucky customer and other customers on the flight with a series of goodies. The lucky millionth customer will be greeted with the news upon check-in and a special package.  Beyond the enhanced inflight experience, the winner will get to enjoy a host of prizes at the destination, including a three-night stay at a luxury hotel and a chauffeur-driven limousine ride to the hotel, experiences at top-class restaurants as well as a series of other goodies to take away. To commemorate this special occasion, customers in all three classes on the millionth customer flight will also be presented with champagne onboard and special Singapore Airlines giveaways.

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