Boeing To Further Delay 787 Dreamliner Program

Boeing has put off the time of the first maiden flight of its B 787 Dreamliner. The new plane was due to fly first on 30 June. the company delayed the maiden flight because of “a need to reinforce a side section of the plane” due to the explanation that “on both sides of the aircraft’s body in the “upper wing join area” that registered stress levels during static testing that “exceeded expectations.”

Boeing says it will not release any other dates for the maiden flight in the next couple of weeks. It did not say whether or how long first delivery to ANA, slated for the 2010 first quarter, would be delayed, either. This is the sixth (6th!) time the program has been delayed so far.

The project has now been delayed a few times, so everybody looked at this end of June deadline with high expectations. The first delay of 6 months was announced in October 2007. The second announcement came in January 2008, when Boeing projected the maiden flight for June 2008. Then shorter delays came, and apparently a year later we still do not know when we will see the new Dreamliner flying.

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By Szafi


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