United Breaks Guitars

A song was written about the negligence of United Airlines. The band Son of Maxwell was on a tour and flew United from Halifax to Nebraska. They changed flights in Chicago, where musician Dave Caroll noticed a ground worker dropping his guitar. He asked the flight attendants to do something, but they could not or did not want to help.

After arrival his fear got proven, his guitar worth more than 500 dollars was broken. He immediately claimed his damage, but it was rejected by the airline.

He promised himself to write three songs about this incident and he will make sure that each song will be viewed at least 1 million times. The first video was uploaded at the beginning of July and it was viewed more than 150 thousand times in the first 3 days.

After the appearance of the video the airline revised the case and offered a compensation, but Dave refused it and told them to give that sum to charity.

Later Taylor guitars offered Dave that they fix his guitar for free plus they gave him a shiny new one.

This was the song about the incident by Son of Maxwell:

Here is the second song:

By Szafi


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