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Emirates Looking for A380 Crew

According to ATW News, Emirates has initiated the next phase in welcoming the Airbus A380 superjumbo into its fleet in August: hiring flight crew!

Here is a video of the Emirates livery A380 flying above Dubai:

The Aviation College of Emirates will begin accepting A380 personnel to its crew training program in early June. Emirates will have 489 seats in its A380, and plans to operate it with 24 cabin staff onboard a normal flight meaning that there is one flight attendant for every 20 passegengers. Just as a comparison, a regular narrow-body Airbus A320 or Boeing B737 flies with around 4-5 flight attendants per 150 passengers meaning that there is one flight attendant for every 30-35 passengers only. It is interesting that they plan to have a little more than about six complete crews for every aircraft. There will be 158 employees trained for the first four A380s scheduled to arrive in 2008 and they will be selected from current Boeing 777 and Airbus A330/A340 staff, Senior VP-Service Delivery Terry Daly told ATWOnline in Dubai. This also shows just how complicated of a process it is to introduce a new aircraft to an airline’s fleet.

In average, 90 new flight attendants join Emirates each week and the carrier currently employs 9,200 cabin staff from 116 countries. “Four years ago, the number of cabin crew was around 4,000. By 2012-13 we will have a total of 18,000,” Daly said. The carrier is sending recruiters throughout its worldwide network to hire more staff. He said just 5% of applicants eventually are hired.

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A380 Will Also Fly At Dubai Air Show

This year’s Dubai Air Show will take place between 11th  (Sunday) and 15th (Thursday) November. The Dubai Air Show is always one of the best flight event in the world. The first Dubai Air Show was held in 1989 with 25 aircrafts on display. This year over 140 aircraft will be present. The fleet includes a host of new-to-market models ranging from strike fighters to trainers, from VIP business jets to heavy cargo carriers – and the shiny new A380!

The static display will give place to the following debuts:

  • Eclipse 500
    A very light jet, “the quietest jet in history”

The flying display will present porgrammes like:

  • MIG 29s
  • F16s
  • the Airbus A380
  • Britain’s Red Arrows flying the BAE Systems’ training Hawk
  • Patrouille de France in the Dassault/ Dornier AlphaJet
  • Spain’s Patrulla Aguila, which is making its Arabian Gulf debut in the Casa C-101 Aviojet

Here is a complete list of aircrafts flying during the air show.

Airline Wrold will keep you updated about the event.

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