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Airline websites – good or bad? I.

Following the press release of Iberia winning the best airline website award, we decided to take a deeper look at the website of major airlines. As there are many of those who should be examined, this will be a series of posts.

To be the most objective possible we followed the same path everywhere (we set up goals – things to find on the website) and we used the same ratings everywhere. Here is the parameter list:

– finding special deals in English
– finding the phone number where I could claim damages
– finding the best price for a certain flight within a week’s time
– finding the list of lounges I can use as a frequent flier at different airports
– finding the subscription to the newsletter

– design
– navigation
– content
– ergonomy

And here are the results:


Goals: I could get to the English page in 2 steps. First I had to select country (I used the UK site everywhere, where I had to select). The special deals were there immediately (5 points), subscription to newsletter was immediately there (5 points), I never found the list of lounges (0 point), Claims and damages phone number can be found in 3 steps (2 points), I could easily get 7 x 7 price for the time period I checked (this is the feature of e-Travel’s Planitgo) – (5 points), so for the goals section Iberia gets 17 out of 25 points.

Ratings: design is always the most subjective part of such an analysis, but I tried to focus on browser optimization, icons used, colors used, letter sizes, special design elements. For me Iberia’s webdesign is worth 4 out of 5, navigation is clear, just sometimes it takes more steps to find things, so again 4 out of 5, content: I found almost everything necessary for the travel, except lounges, but nothing extra or nothing that would convince me to fly with them. 3 out of 5. Web ergonomy is clear, although for me the main page is a waste of space (I used 1280×1024). 4 out of 5.

Total points: 17 + 15 = 32 out of 45 (71%)


Goals: Here again the selection of the UK English version requires two steps (country+language). Country specific deals are immediately available and cover most of the space (5 points), Newsletter subscription is also available as one of the Quicklinks on the right side (5 points), together with a link to the Lounge finder (5 points) and to “Local Contacts”, where you can either use Baggage or Customer Relations to report any claims and damages, so it’s easy to find but not dedicated “Claims and Damages” number is available (3 points), when searching for flights I could get the 7×7 matrix very easily so another 5 points there for Lufthansa. A total of 23 out of 25 points there.

Ratings: The design is clear, icons used are easy to understand the grouping of links is straight forward. The design reflects the Lufthansa brand very well, and also shows the simple, clear German structure! 🙂 It is a bit too design-less in a way that it shows only a minimum of images, therefore it’s a little bit dry, but it gets 4 points out of 5, navigation is clear, it is worth 5 points for me, Content would also receive 5 points as they offer everything a traveller would need, grouped together for each travel period (before, onboard, at the airport, etc.). For ergonomy I would give 4 points. The total for ratings then: 18 points.

Total points: 23 + 18 = 41 out of 45 (91%)

British Airways:

Goals: well, BA has some advance here with the UK site. Finding special deals was supereasy (5 points). Finding the phone number was quite hard. The strategy is clear. Help yourself online. Still, if I am an angry business class passenger not loosing baggage, but having some problems with the flight attendants on board, it is very difficult for me to find a phone number (3 points). OK, pricing. I have to admit, BA was always a benchmark for me with their pricing module. I was surprised to see they changed it. They made it more simple and more low-cost-like. I could get into details, this is a fun part of airline e-commerce, but I could easily achieve my goal, so 5 points for this one. Next goal: lounges. again, very good. I really liked the way they put all information on their website. It’s just the navigation that made me confused. I was on the 3rd or 4th level of navigation depth and no navbar helped me to navigate back if I missed what I was looking for. 5 points for the lounges, but in the end, I will reduce the points for the navigation. Last goal – newsletter. Oops, total failure. I could not find it even with the help of Search. Guys, you should do something with it. I am quite an advanced user. How do others find it? Sorry, 1 point.

Ratings: design is clear, nice, usable, readable, although nothing special. They could work a little bit harder on that. 4 points. Navigation: on the first or even the second level it is usable. But no more levels are accessible easily, no navbar, no second level navigation on a site that has a very cmplex content. 2 points. Content: very high quality, well phrased, easy to read and apparently quite a number of pages. 5 points. Ergonomy: it is optimized for 800*600 in resolution, which is a little bit oldschool. I miss the concept of the main page. I am sure they are having hard times with it. 4 points, because other pages are good.

Total points: 19 + 15 = 34 out of 45 (75%)

to be continued…

by balint01 and Szafi
Advertisements – The Best Airline Website 2 amadeus logo

First of all, let’s make it clear: there are many-many different awards in the airline industry, given by different magazines, industry players and other organizations, so each year almost every airline could be holding the “Airline of the Year” award and it would be totally legally fair. So you should always read the notice at the bottom of the page in small letters about the giving organization/magazine, category, etc. (“CSA: the best Airline” – *by the World Airline Awards, in the Central-European Airline Category, “Malév: the best Airline” – *as voted by the readers of the travel magazine Global Traveler, in the Eastern/Central European Airline Category, etc., etc.)

So you should always look and read twice before you base your next flight decision purely on such an award. But it’s much easier and carries much less risk to look at different airline websites and see for yourself which one you like the most.

The Interactive Media Council Inc. (a non-profit organization of leading web designers, developers, programmers, advertisers and other web-related professionals) has established The Interactive Media Awards to recognize the highest standards of excellence in website design and development. The judges provided by the Council judged across five key criteria: Design, Content, Usability, Feature functionality and Cross Browser compatibility. scored 482 out of 500 possible. This means 96.4%, which is a very good result in itself. We don’t know how much the other participants have scored, but this is very impressive. This score entitled Iberia to take home the award in the Travel Airline Category. And as we should judge a website based on its main profile, it sounds fair that it was competing with other airline websites from all around the world and came out as winner! (and it’s not such a category as “best airline website in South-Western part of Europe that uses both the red and the yellow colors”…)

In case of an airline website you always have to mention the service provider, as the IT solution behind such a front-end is very complicated and the performance of a website (especially the booking engine, but other informational parts as well, such as schedule) is highly dependant on the service provider behind it! Iberia (as many other leading airlines and basically all airlines in the oneworld alliance of which Iberia is a member of) has teamed up and cooperated with Amadeus. Actually the Amadeus e-Travel Airline Suite – aka Planitgo (for internet solutions) is used by over 70 of the world’s leading airlines to power over 250 websites in more than 80 markets. So chances are good that you have already booked an airline ticket over the internet, using an Amadeus solution.

After a quick look at I have found that you can only choose those countries, where Iberia operates a flight, but they do not offer an “International” or “Europe” version of their website, which is a common solution around the industry. Otherwise we have found it nice and easy to use at first glance. However, please note that we plan to conduct a review of some of the biggest airlines’ websites, so please add our blog to your RSS reader, to be among the first ones to read it!

by balint01

Iberia’s new A319 is named Royal Owl

From the Airbus factory in Hamburg, Iberia has taken delivery of a new, 141-seat A-319, registered as EC-KHM, and named Búho Real (Royal Owl), in keeping with the policy instituted this year of publicising Spain’s endangered species.

This campaign is intended to raise awareness at all the destinations reached by the airline of Spain’s biodiversity and some of its unique native species, and to remind customers, employees, and the public at large of the need to protect and preserve them.

This is the seventh aircraft received by Iberia in 2007, all in the Airbus A-320 family, and all named for endangered Spanish species –the Iberian Imperial Eagle, the Iberian Lynx, the Brown Bear, the Black Stork, the Spanish grouse and the Otter.

A picture of the Royal Owl has been painted on the fuselage of the aircraft bearing its name, and will remain there until the species is removed from the endangered list. Information sheets in passenger seat pockets describe the unique characteristics of this bird of prey, which lives in the mountains and high cliffs.

The new aircraft brings to 17 the total of number of Airbus A-319s flown by Iberia. They incorporate all the latest technical advances and are much quieter than other aircraft in their class, while providing better service to customers. This model belongs to the Airbus A-320 family, which includes the A-319, the A-320, and the A-321, of which Iberia has a total of 82 units.

And here are the pictures of these endangered species:

Imperian EagleIberian lynxBrown bearBlack storkSpanish grouseOtter

Well done, Iberia! We love your campaign!

By Szafi

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