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Friday Fun – Why 2 Pilots?

Friday Fun - Two Pilots

by balint01

Friday Fun – A Perfect Way To Start Your Holiday?

My friend Attila pointed out a funny video, which is actually an advertising, but features a plane crash. So those of you who are afraid of ever landing on water, please be careful, you may also laugh! ūüôā

by balint01

Friday Fun – Where To Land?

According to the latest reports, the FAA is working on a new, quicker and more cost effective way to teach young pilots about the tricks of landing. Supposedly this is one of the ideas they are considering. ūüôā

Where to Land?


by balint01

Friday Fun – Autumn Weather Report

¬†This coming weekend the airline world will switch to the “Winter Schedule” as it is called on the Northern Hemisphere. Every year this change also signals the beginning of the bad, autumn weather on this side of the globe, with cooler temperatures, rains and¬†fog (which sometimes lead to delays). So such weather reports as the one in our Friday Fun cartoon will be more regular these days.

Autumn Weather Report

by balint01

Friday Fun – Luggage Stand-Up Comedy

Last Sunday we have published a post about Where lost luggage¬†end up going…, here is a funny stand-up comedy about¬†almost the same issue (the luggage is not lost,¬†“only” damaged a little bit…)

by balint01

Friday fun – Quote About Fear of Flying

Earlier we pulished a post about aviophobia. The following quote is about this feeling:

“The world is divided into two kind of people: normal, intelligent, sensitive people with some breadth of imagination, and people who aren’t the least bit afraid of flying. ”

White Knuckles: Getting Over the Fear of Flying 

By Szafi 

Friday Fun – New Hardware Found

by balint01

Friday Fun - New Hardware Device Found


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