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Special Iron Maiden Livery

It has been quite a while since we last wrote about Bruce Dickinson and his big jet. As you learn from that article, celebs often fly themselves as pilots. Bruce Dickinson, the lead singer of Iron Maiden for example is an official pilot for a UK based small charter airline called Astraeus.

Now the famous rock band Iron Maiden is again up for something fresh and new. They are on their new “Somewhre back in time” tour. Well, this is nothing special so far, is it?

The big thing is that now fans can join the band on board their tour jet – with Mr Brucwe Dickinson himself as first officer on it, fly with them to the scene of the next concert, stay at a hotel and fly back together with them the next day. The funky thing is that the whole package costs only £349 – £399 depending on the scene.

B757 with special Iron Maiden livery

Costs also include:

Captain Bruce Dickinson– Exclusive themed Bruce Air ED FORCE ONE goodie bag
– Personally signed photo of Bruce in Ed Force One
– Standing ticket to the Iron Maiden concert
– Bus transfers at destination to venue and to and from hotel where trip includes hotel.

The aircraft itself has a special Iron Maiden livery with the skull known from the album cover on the tail of the Boeing 757. You can book your flight on the special charter with Captain Bruce Dickinson on now. You can read more on Iron Maiden’s official website.


By Szafi

Friday Fun – Foo Fighters – Learn To Fly

I received this link from a good friend of mine. It’s really funny. It is the music video of Foo Fighters’ Learn to fly. I hope you’ll like it.

Thanks Emonk for the link!

Happy Easter to everyone!

By Szafi

Cannot Walk, Fly Instead

The following post is about a music band and their new album. I have 4 reasons to write about them in this blog:

1. I love their music

2. I published an article about them on the portal of the media copany I work for

3. The record company that releases their albums belongs to a friend of mine

4. Both their new album and the song I’ll show you have something to do with flying.

Zagar kicks in

ZagarFirst time I saw the band playing was at the so called Sziget Festival that takes place every year in Budapest attracting a lot of people from other countries and a lot of high quality performers. At that time I was almost sure they were from abroad, but it turned out they were a fresh Hungarian band. Some of their members earlier played in the band of Yonderboi, who had been very popular at that time outside of Hungary as well. I liked their unique electronic-jazzy sound and that little bit psychedelic visual they always project at their concerts. The next day I immediately collected their songs and I listened to them every now and then.

I was on my way to work sitting in the car in the usual morning traffic jam trying to get from Pest (where Ilive) to Buda (where I work) listening to the radio, when I heard the following: “and now the brand new song of Zagar that you can only hear on our radio station. The song is called: Wings of love”. By instinct I increased the volume of the radio and when I heard the first sounds of the violin playing I felt that shiver down my spine that you can only feel when music touches your soul.

About the band

Zagar was formed in 2001, the band received its name after Balazs Zsager, founder of the band, author of all songs, pianist, graduated at the jazz faculty of the Hungarian College of Music. The song Wings of love featuring 6 excellent Hungarian vocalists – all memers or former members of underground music bands – has become a number one hit on this radio station in Hungary.

Balazs Zsager aka Zagar > keys, electronica, vocal, producing
Andor Kovacs > guitar
Tibor Lazar > drums
Dj Bootsie > scratches
Akos Zsager-Varga > bass

The Underground Divas

Sena, Edina Kutzora, Judie Jay, Bori Peterfy, Eniko Hodosi, Juci Nemeth

The song

I really recommend you to listen to this fantastic song and purchase their album if you like it.


ZAGAR – Wings of Love
Lyrics by Zsófia Hutvágner
© 2007

Wings of love at the end
Will give us shelter again
We’re gonna hide under
When our protest is over

With our answers unsaid
We will walk hand in hand
We wont’t talk, we won’t cry
We’ll be just sharing what’s left of us

By Szafi

Happy Birthday, KLM!

A nice press release from the 88 year-old Dutch airline company:

A new KLM Delft Blue house is being issued to mark our 88th anniversary on October 7. The building selected to be the 88th KLM House is ‘t Lootsje on the Rozengracht in Amsterdam. The Delft Blue miniature houses are all replicas of historical Dutch buildings and are filled with Bols Jonge Jenever. The first “House 88” will be presented by Bart Vos, EVP Inflight Services, to Mr. Huub van Doorne, CEO Lucas Bols.

From 1575, ‘t Lootsje on the Rozengracht, Amsterdam, was the home of the Bols liqueur and jenever distillery and tasting room. Bols is the oldest Dutch company still operating and the world’s oldest distillery brand.

The Delft Blue houses have been presented by KLM to our World Business Class passengers on intercontinental flights since the 1950s. Since 1994, the number of houses in the collection has matched the age of KLM. Every year a new house is added to the collection and they have become popular collectables both at home and abroad.

History of ‘t Lootsje

Lucas Bols headed the Bols company between 1678 and 1719 and turned it into an internationally renowned brand. As a major shareholder in the Dutch East India Company (VOC) he had first choice of exotic herbs and spices which he used to make almost 300 different liqueurs and jenevers.
The drinks became so popular that the company had to keep expanding, buying the buildings on either side. In 1892 a canopy appeared above the entrance to the tasting room ‘t Lootsje and the neck gable became a stepped gable. A decade later Eduard Cuypers designed a long facade for all the Bols buildings. The front of the tasting room at No. 99 remains unchanged to the present day.

Source: KLM

By Szafi 

Music and Flying II – U2 or U-2?

Some days ago we started a block about music and flying. The first article was about Rammstein. This is the second article of the series.

The Irish rock Band U2 is known probably to most people on this planet. However it is not necessarily known that a military plane manufactured by Lockheed had the same name. It is not official that the band was named after the plane, but taking the fact their biggest idol was Led Zeppelin which also refers to flying, it might have a relationship with it.

So what is U-2?

Lockheed U-2 is also named Dragon Lady. It is a surveillance plane used by the US Air Force. It was developed in the early 1950s, when the cold war made it necessary to know more about each other’s technologies. U-2’s cruising hight is 70 000 feet (jets fly at around 35 000 feet), so it is not vulnerable by missiles and besides that is is outside the reach of radar detection. The plane was designed by Clarence “Kelly” Johnson, who was well known at that time in the US army as he designed more aircrafts active at that time. First it was rejected by the army, but later CIA’s attention was drawn to it and following a personal meeting with president Eisenhower, the US ordered the first 20 aircrafts from Lockheed. The Dragon Lady has large wingspan, which makes it easier to fly high, but it makes the aircraft sensitive for crosswind, so landing is not easy with it.

U-2U-2 cockpitU-2 landing

There is a lot to learn about this very special aircraft, so I collected some links for those interested in it:

Wikipedia’s article about the U-2

About U-2 on the website of Federation of American Scientists

James Huggins’ site – his brother was a U-2 pilot

And what is U2?

Well, there is not too much to tell about the relationship between the band itself and aviation. So if you would like to learn more about the band, the best source is Wikipedia. 🙂

By Szafi

Music and Flying I – Rammstein or Ramstein?

Now that many people know we are running this blog, we always get good hints what to write about. I myself never looked at the relationsip between music and flying, but there is. So as music is my second hobby besides flying, I loved the idea to write a series of articles about this relationship.

The first relationship we are looking at is about a band that was named after an air crash. Ramstein is a city in Germany. Before the union of the 2 parts of Germany, it gave a home to an American air force base. In 1988 the biggest accident happened there in the history of air shows.

Italian fighter planes (the formation is called Frecce Tricolori) performed some stunt flying, when during a figure (called pierced heart) one of the planes came a second earlier and it collided with another plane and hit 2 more. 3 planes hit the ground immediately after exploding in the air, but the one that missed the figure flew in another direction and after the collision it fell on the crowd. At that moment the air show scene became hell. All in all 75 people died and 326 got seriously injured.

The following video is a report about the accident including interview with survivors and an official who was in charge of the rescue works. The video is very shocking and emotional, but it is a nice commemoration.

Getting back to Rammstein, the band the first question is why they spell their name with double m. In interviews I found no special reason, but emphasizing the name using double m for putting a stress on that part of the word. The word means ramming stone, so by emphasizing the word ramming, they can show some agressiveness. They said their name was chosen as a memorial to this horrific event.

They even have a song with the same title. The lyrics are the following:

A body burns
Rancid flesh fills the air
A child dies
The sun shines
A sea of flames
Blood congeals on (the) concrete
Mothers’ scream
The sun shines
A (massive) grave
There’s no escape
Not a bird will sing
And the sun shines

As a result, air shows were banned in Germany in the next 3 years. In 1991 the ban was lifted, but there were much more serious regulations about the distance between spectators and the air space and rules still forbid stunt flying figures towards the crowd. A memorial website can be found here with links to blogs of victims’ families.

By Szafi 

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