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Dubai Air Show Orders I.

On the first day of the 2007 Dubai Air Show great orders were revealed, and there are three more days to go…

Emirates Logo   Emirates Airbues A380

Emirates have voted for Airbus, by placing the largest order to date for the new Airbus A350, by 70 pieces. They took option on an additional 50, while added 11 A380 to the already largest fleet of A380’s to raise the total number to be operated by the airline to 66 (47 original orders + 8 commitments earlier this year, and the 11 yesterday). If they take all of their options on the A350’s, Emirates would operate a 186 piece modern Airbus fleet by the end of the next decade (!). By selecting the A350 over the Boeing B787 Emirates gave a boost to the new Airbus program. Probably to bridge the time before the A350’s arrive, they also placed an order with Boeing for 12 long-range 777-300ER’s.

Qatar Airways Logo  Qatar Airways on the other hand selected Boeing with placing firm orders for 30 B787 Dreamliners with options for another 30, while buying 27 B777’s as well, with 5 options. This is a total of 57 firm + 35 optional orders.

Virgin Nigeria Logo  Virgin Nigeria ordered 10 Embraer jets. The order consists of 7 E170 and 3 of the larger E190, with options for 6 more E190 regional jets.

The show goes on until Thursday and will display daily flights of the A380.

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Airbus A380 tickets

When I studied the blog statistics, I could see that many hits are coming from Google using the keyword A380 tickets. The following information is for them:

1. The new A380 has not started operating yet, although operation is scheduled to start late 2007.

2. The first customers, who placed order are: Emirates,Virgin Atlantic, Lufthansa, Qantas, Air France, Etihad Airways, Korean Air, China Southern, Singapore Airlines, Qatar Airways, Thai Airways, Malaysia Airlines, Kingfisher Airlines, cargo companies (UPS, FedEx) and a leasing company (ILFC).

I am sure once they will start operation, you will be able to find information on the websites of the above mentioned airlines.

You can learn more about the nice A380 on the official website, on and in the Wikipedia.

By Szafi

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