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Ryanair Angels With Bigger Breasts

Remember those “find seven little differences between the two pictures” type of riddles? I played that last time when I was waiting at the Dublin airport for my Ryanair flight to depart.

The riddle was about finding the differences between the old and new style paints of Ryanair’s Boeing 737-800 aircrafts. There are a few small differences like:

  • the letters in Ryanair on the side of the plane are bigger
  • the harp-angel logo in front of the word Ryanair has a different color
  • the engine is painted in a different way
  • in the old paint there is a narrow black stripe between the yellow stripe and the background white color
  • in the new paint the yellow stripe runs up to the tail of the plan

Ryanair plane at Dublinpaint01.jpg

The funniest difference however is something Mr O’Leary wanted. So if you think this is a mistake or it was made by a different artist or there is any other reason, forget about it. This was a well planned step from the most conscious, most agressive and the most genius CEO of the airline industry.

What is it? Well, it’s a male world – nobody knows it better than us, women – so the solution is simple. The angel that is the silouette of the harp in the logo of Ryanair has bigger breasts. Does it really work in such a simple way with men? Well, it is your choice to judge it, but if anybody on this planet watches the logo just a second longer or notices the logo at all, it was worth it. Well done!

Ryanair Angels With Bigger BreastsRyanair Angels With Bigger Breasts

Is it just me to see the jaw of a shark in that logo watching from a different angle? 🙂

By Szafi

Best Of AirlineWorld 2007

This is the last day of the year. As billions of people around the world, we also took a look back to what happened in the old year and made some New Year’s Resolutions.

For us 2007 was not a full year as we started our blog in June. It was a nice calm Sunday and Szafi wrote her first post about the Radio Alphabet – a useful tool not just for aviation fans. Balint01 joined her on the 7th with his first post about “Fuller Planes – Good Or Bad?” – a brief explanation of revenue and capacity management of airlines.


A380 was one of our main topics this year. We could see the a video of an imaginery evacuation of an A380, we reported on that quite unusual initiation that Singapore Airlines sold the first tickets to the A380 on e-Bay and gave the money (USD 1,25 million) for charity. We tried to find out more about the possible cabin configurations and then we reported on the first delivery.

Boeing 787

Boeing 787, the Dreamliner was our other favorite topic. We wrote about it when it was revealed, we put it in our blog header, we reported on the first announcement of delay that predicted 2 months. Now it seems that a 6-month delay is more realistic.


Besides A380 and B787 we saw the birth of a Russian jet called Sukhoi Superjet and a Chinese one called ARJ21-700. We kept track of technology trends in aviation. We wrote an article about RFID usage at airlines and airports, about e-ticketing, a new online payment method at Qantas, a weightless flight, a solar powered, unmanned aircraft. Also we were interested in service developments such as the new Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse at London Heathrow Airport, Lufthansa’s new A380 First Class Concept, Boeing’s 747 development to keep up with A380,


Unfortunately again some serious accidents happened. We saw around 200 people dying in a very tragical crash in Sao Paulo, brazil. 19 people died in an accident of Air Moorea on the way to Tahiti. When China Airline’ 737 burst into fire and blew up, everybody could escape in time thanks to the flight crew, who was criticized for being rude – we thought it was better being rude than being inactive. Later it turned out that a loose bolt caused the fire. There was a sad collision of two planes at an Air Show in Radom, Poland. SAS Airlineshad a bad series of crash landings – without serious injuries – of its Dash 8 turboprop planes. Finally they decided on grounding all their Dash 8 fleet. 87 died in One-Two-Go Airlines crash in Phuket, Thailand. A few days later rallye driver champion Colin McRae died in a helicopter crash over Scotland. The most commented article was the weird accident of an Airbus A340 on the ground of the Airbus factory during testing. The last serious accident of the year was an MD-83 crash in Turkey killing 56.

Photo reports 

We received a lot of photos from our friends and airline enthusiasts, so we could show a photo report of a Royal Aircraft in Budapest, Red Bull Air Race in Budapest, an Air Show in Kecskemet and the A340 Airbus crash at the Toulouse Airbus factory.


We criticized airlines and other players of the industry about wrong steps and we were happy to present good initiations of other players. We found KLM’s promotion: a gift of a costmetics set for online bookers a very smart and useful initiation. We loved Iberia’s enviroment-friendly attitude with naming their new aircrafts Royal Owl, Imperial Eagle and other endangered species. We could read funny comments about an interesting topic: Vatican’s Air Mistral. IATA’s initiation of a greener aviation industry was also worth a post.

Sex and rock and roll 

And finally we tried to entertain those not interested in professional matters of the airline business with articles like Sex in an airplane, Sexy stewardess uniforms – with special attention to the self-designed uniform of Easyjet, Superstar pilots, Special aircraft paintings and we learned about where lost luggage end up going.

We also lost a very key figure of the European airline indusry. Tony Ryan, the founder of Ryanair died on 03 October at the age of 71. Net year we will definately write an article about him, because only a few know about his role in today’s aviation business.

And what is our New Year’s resolution? Well, we’ll do our best to entertain you and draw your attention to the magic world of airlines we so much love.

We both wish you a very happy, successful new year and please keep on reading us! 🙂

By Szafi and balint01

Sexy Stewardess Uniforms

It has been a long time I wanted to take the time and write this post. It is a little bit long, but I ensure you it is not just the photos that are interesting! 🙂

Who can become a flight attendant?

Not everybody qualifies for a stewardes. Flighat attendants need to go through a 6 weeks to 6 months training period that includes psychological, IQ and physical tests (depending on the airline’s requirements). Safety training includes, but is not limited to: emergency passenger evacuation management, use of evacuation slides / life rafts, in-flight fire fighting, survival in the jungle, sea, desert, ice, first aid, Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), defibrillation, ditching/emergency landing procedures, decompression emergencies, Crew Resource Management and security.

But even those, who pass these tests and trainings, may fail. Some airlines have height and weight requirements. While airlines using bigger jets have minimum height limit, because air hostesses cannot reach the overhead compartments, regional carriers have maximum height limit as the ceiling of the aircrafts is very low. Weight is almost always a concern. Even if they do not communicate it, almost all airlines hire only girls with regular weight. Neither underweighing, nor overweighing applicants are accepted. Even later if somebody gains some weight do the airlines give out a new uniform to anyone.

Playmates, beauty queens

Sex has always been associated with flight attendants. There have been several playmates and former bueauty queen working as stewardesses. No wonder that if we take a look at the series of known women who worked as flight attendants before or after they became famous.

Some of them were:

  • Ester Codet was a playmate of the motnh in October 1974
  • Avis Miller was playmate in November, 1970
  • Julie Woodson was playmate in April, 1973
  • Jennifer Hosten was Miss World in 1970, first to win this title for her home, Grenada.
  • Kate Linder is still an active US actress
  • Evangeline Lilly is a Golden-globe nominated actress, most known for her role in Lost. She worked for Air Canada.

Ester CodetAvis MillerJennifer Hosten

Kate LinderEvangeline Lilly

History of airline uniforms

Old Delta Airlines uniformThe first stewardess uniforms were designed to be durable, practical, and inspire confidence in passengers. The first stewardesses for United Airlines wore green berets, green capes and nurse’s shoes. Other airlines, such as Eastern Air Lines, actually dressed stewardesses in nurses’ uniforms.
Perhaps reflecting the military aviation background of many commercial aviation pioneers, many early uniforms had a strongly military appearance; hats, jackets, and skirts showed simple straight lines and military details like epaulettes and brass buttons. Many uniforms had a summer and winter version, differentiated by colours and fabrics appropriate to the season: navy blue for winter, for example, khaki for summer. But as the role of women in the air grew, and airline companies began to realise the publicity value of their stewardesses, more feminine lines and colours began to appear in the late 1930s and early 1940s. Some airlines began to commission designs from high-end department stores and still others called in noted designers or even milliners to create distinctive and attractive apparel.

Famous fashion designers – famous uniforms

British Airways new uniform designChristian Lacroix designs uniforms for Air France. British Airways flight crews and staff now sport designs by Givenchy star Julien Macdonald. Los Angeles-based celebrity designer Richard Tyler presented Delta Air Lines’ new line-up alongside his ready-to-wear collection during New York Fashion Week. Korean Air launched new outfits by Italian designer Gianfranco Ferre, including pants for the first time in the airline’s history.

Sexiest airline uniforms

And now let’s look at the list of the most sexy airline uniforms:

1. Hooters Air

Hooter AirHooters Air

2. Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines

3. Malaysia Airlines

Malaysia AirlinesMalaysia Airlines

4. Delta Airlines

Delta Air LinesDelta Air Lines

5. Thai Airways

Thai Airways

6. Etihad Airways

Etihad Airways

7. Gulf Air

Gulf Air

8. Air France

Air FranceAir FranceAir France

9. Wizz Air

Wizz Air

10. Sky Europe

Sky EuropeSky Europe

If you liked this collection, check out our other post about special aircraft paintings and our other post about airline meals!

By Szafi

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100th Anniversary Post – Sex On An Airplane

Well, when we (actually Szafi first) started this blog, we didn’t think about how many articles we would write here, how often would we publish a post or how many visitors/readers we would get. But here we are, publishing our 100th post 104 days after the first article (03JUN2007). So we almost made it to have 100 posts in 100 days, but missed it with four days… Nevermind, if we round up the numbers, we end up with an average of 1 article per day, which we didn’t really plan at the beginning!! 🙂

We have grown in style and habits: we have teamed up with AvConet to feature aviation jobs, we have a weekly “column”: Friday Fun, and we have been following a few developing issues and stories: 100% E-Ticketing, Celebrity Planes, A380 and B787 developments, the launch of Air Mistral, the developments at our previous airline employer: MalĂ©v, not to mention airline IT related news and reviews of websites. It is now also known to us, that most people if search for something related to aviation, it will most likely be about an accident which is currently in the news, or celebrities and their planes in general. But of course you also search for other airline related stuff, such as “Dreamliner”, or “Tickets for A380”, but “John Travolta and his planes”, “Air China Fire” and the “Red Bull Air Race” are also among top search words.

We have also grown in terms of visitors, and this is the most important to us. It is probably directly linked with the more and more articles we have, but we also hope that there are many of you who check our blog regularly and have added it to your favourites! 🙂

And here comes the big question of the day: What shall we write our anniversary article about? 🙂 We thought of many-many things, such as:

  • funny airline jokes – we do that every Friday!
  • ourselves – please see our Authors page!
  • the weather – people always talk about the weather, why should we?
  • a compilation of the “Best of Airlineworld Posts” – it’s not really our task to come up with that
  • blog statistics – that would be too “dry”, right?
  • etc.

Lynx Jet Advertisement Excerpt

So we come up with the idea of writing about something that would interest everyone: sex. But how is sex related to aviation? Now, I think everybody knows the answer – sex on the plane. Let us admit we all think about it every now and then when we fly. And why is it? Believe it or not it is not just the effect of movies. You would be surprised how often it happens that passengers (and shhh, but sometimes crew as well) get too horny during flying. It is believed to be due to the combination of lack of oxygen, too much alcohol (1 glass of drink in the air equals 2-3 glasses on ground) and boredom. The most common thing passengers do is that they meet up in one of the toilets and sometimes they forget there is an alarm button in the toilet that gives a signal to flight attendants if somebody gets in trouble inside. So sometimes the flight attendants know about what is going on inside as they can see the signal switched off and on continuously…

Many times people do not bother going to the toilet. They simply do their things under some clothes or a blanket at their seats. But again I have to say: flight attendants who see way more things than anyone can imagine know it perfectly well what is going on.

You can find more technical explanations and suggestions about sex on an airplane as a passenger a’la Airplane Safety Card style here. 

How about the cabin crew? Well, on long haul flights in bigger aircrafts, there is a small galley for the crew where they can get some rest. That is the most common place for a little hide-away for them. But to be honest, most long-haul flights would make the crew sleep-over at their destination (sometimes for a few days), so they have other chances in the hotel, as well, but this is a different story…

There is one more thing to add to the kinky side of flying. There are many airlines who are very tough with their crew about their outfit. They must be between a certain height (too tall people cannot fit into some aircrafts and too small people cannot assist passengers with the overhead compartments) and they must not be overweight. There are airlines that do not allow the flight attendants to wear too tight uniforms, because the silhouette of their panties is visible on the skirt itself. Therefore most flight attendants at these airlines simply do not wear panties. But we do not have to know that to find uniforms themselves exciting.

There are other, legal ways of having sex above the clouds, such as renting a small, special equipped aircraft from Flamingo Air in Cincinnati, OH or from Bob Smith in Georiga, and of course if you rent or buy a private jet, it’s yet again a different story…

We hope we could add some spice (and not just with this article, but the other 99 as well) to your thoughts about flying. 🙂

by balint01 and Szafi

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