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Air New Zealand Marketing Videos

Funny and innovative safety videos for airlines are now a very trendy tool for marketing, especially as items for viral and social marketing.

Air New Zealand seems to be in the front line here, as they have created a very popular Hobbit version earlier in 2012 for the first part of the Hobbit trilogy: “An Unexpected Briefing” (a’la the title of the movie: “An Unexpected Journey”). They were followed with a pop-song like version of the safety instructions from Virgin America not so long afterwards.

So following the sometimes ugly creatures of the Hobbit Universe, Air New Zealand started 2014 with a different topic and a beautiful “partner”: the 50 year old Sports Illustrated – Swimsuit Edition!

To be honest, personally I like this one much better. What do you think? (the links to the other two are available in the first paragraph)

Not a safety video, but still worth to mention in the league of viral Airline marketing videos is the one that came with the second Hobbit movie last year: a short film of what a day is like at the official airline of Middle-Earth (aka.: New Zealand), starring real Air New Zealand employees from Flight Attendants to Engineers – and a plane slapping its wings like a bird. (title: “Just another day in Middle-earth“):

For the record, they also accompanied the second Hobbit movie (The Desolation of Smaug) with a special aircraft livery last year as well:

Air New Zealand Boeing 777 with Hobbit special livery - by  James Mepsted on

by balint01


The Hobbit Flies With Air New Zealand (An Unexpected Briefing)

Air New Zealand has “always” been the official “Airline of Middle-earth”, and this is no different in case of the release of the latest Tolkien Movie, “The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey”. But this time they have created a great short movie – which is actually useful for those passengers embarking on an expected journey aboard one of their planes as it prepares them for the unexpected safety situations.

First let’s take a look at their latest special livery aircraft (registration number: ZK-OKP), a Boeing 777-300ER, painted to promote the movie itself (see more images on

Air New Zealand Boeing 777-300ER in special "The Hobbit" livery  - by James Mepsted on

And then the funny Onboard Safety Demonstration Video with the very well known Lord of the Rings Characters:

I haven’t seen the movie yet, (will surely do) – but I don’t expect any “goofs” hidden with the random appearance of an Air New Zealand plane…

by balint01

Matchmaking Onboard

cupid_smallThis year’s financial crisis hits airlines hard. The past years were quite a bad period for most commercial airlines, but in 2009 it is not just tourists who try to save money on holiday trips, but also companies cut costs and allow their employees to travel only on special occasions. Therefore it is not a miracle that airlines try to be extremely creative with their marketing and PR actions.

This time Air New Zealand surprised us with some unexpected creativity and announced the launch of cupid flights between Los Angeles and Auckland in October this year. According to the original news source, passengers of the matchmaking flight will attend a gate party and they can take part in onboard games to have the chance to get to know each other.

Read the full story here.

Do you think it is possible to find the love of your life on a plane? Share your opinion with us!

By Szafi

Airbus A320 Crashes in the Mediterranean Sea

An Airbus A320 has crashed in the Mediterranean Sea on 27NOV2008, just 2.5 km offshore Canet-en-Roussillon in Perpignan, southern France. Reports say this was a test flight, with three people found dead and four missing (but feared dead), which would mean none of the 7 people onboard would have survived the crash

The aircraft plunged into waters just off the French coast after taking off in late afternoon with a crew of seven from Perpignan, France, where the plane was being overhauled. The accident occured at around 5pm local time, as the plane was preparing to land after the two-hour test flight. The plane belonged to Air New Zealand and had been leased to the German carrier XL Airways for the last two years. It was to have been returned in the coming days to Air New Zealand, thus it has been repainted to Air New Zealand colours when the accident happened.

The Airbus A320 in XL Airways colors and registration
The Airbus A320 in XL Airways colors and registration (c by Roger Andreasson at

Air New Zealand chief executive Rob Fyfe told a news conference in Auckland that two of the crew were German pilots from XL Airways. (Some reports say they were actually piloting the plane on this flight, but this is not yet confirmed.) The others were a pilot and three engineers employed by Air New Zealand and an inspector from New Zealand’s Civil Aviation Authority, he said.

Three bodies were recovered from the water, and though French Navy boats, planes and a helicopter were continuing rescue search efforts, a spokesman for the French Coast Guard said that it was very unlikely that anyone had survived the crash.

Fyfe told reporters on Friday 28NOV2008, that he still hoped survivors would be found. “I certainly haven’t given up hope,” he said.

The cause of the accident is not yet known, but according to some reports, the spokesman for XL said “the plane tried to make an emergency landing on the sea.” The remains of the plane is currently resting in about 30 meters of water.

by balint01

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