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3 Airbus Emergency Landings In 2 Days

These days are not the best for European plane manufacturer Airbus. Shortly after the accident of Air France flight 447, more news are coming from around the world about different Airbus plane types having technical diffculties.

On Wednesday June, 11 a Spanish carrier had to land at the Canary Islands shortly after take off due to engine problems. The aircraft was an Airbus A320.

Today (June 12) an Aeroflot flight had to abort its way from Yakutsk to Moscow and immediately land at Novosibirsk with 122 people on board, because one of the winshields of the cockpit got cracked. The plane was an A 320.

Australian JetStar’s A 330 had to make an emergency landing Tamuning, Guam. The plane took off from Osaka, Japan and was about to fly to Coolangatta, Australia. There were 200 people aboard, and the casue of the emergency landing was a fire in the cockpit.

JetStar's broken A330

JetStar's faulty A330

Luckily nobody was hurt during these incidents.

Airbus is facing hard times financially, as both A380 and the new A350 cost more than predicted. The company turned to the governments of the owner countries as bank credits do not cover the additional costs.

By Szafi


The Greatest Gig In The Sky 2008 Part I

End of the year is coming again. Last year we just wrote an article that collected all the big events of the year, but this year thanks to WordPress we have a nice voting tool we’ll use to sum up the year 2008.

We borrowed a good title from Pink Floyd (for those who don’t know it, here’s a very good concert version) that absolutely represents what is called the Best of Airline World 2008.

Please add our blog’s RSS feed to your RSS reader and follow the votes in the next weeks to help us find out your opinion about the best A380 interior design, the biggest looser of the year, the greenest airline of the year, the biggest financial loss, the most stupid aviation news, the funniest airline video and so on.

Now let’s see the first vote. You can go and check out the designs with the help of the links :

The best A380 interior design

Naturally the greatest gig among planes that fly over us day by day is the biggest commercial plane: the Airbus A380. Since it was intorduced to the public, three airlines have started to use A380. These are:

  • Singapore Airlines

You can check out the design of the Singapore Airlines A380 on the airline’s website.

  • Emirates

Emirates have always been famous for its on-board service. But what about their A380? Check it out here.

  • Qantas

The Australian carrier has always good ideas, when it comes to PR. Now let’s see the work of their well marketed designer, who is always present at every PR event.

Now please share your opinion with us:

Which is the best A380 interior design in 2008?

Qantas A380 Featuring John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John

Exactly a week after the first A380 of Qantas Australian Airlines was named after a nice old lady, who was one of the pioneers of Australian aviation, the first commercial flight was completed by the giant airbus.

John Travolta has a good relationship with the airline. He was a Boeing 707 pilot for Qantas and after their contract was over, he received a 707 from them as a private jet with Qantas livery. The plane is parked in front of his house as he lives in a small village, where taxiways lead to the houses from the central runway and besides garages there are hangars for the private planes. See our earlier post about his topic.

Now that the first flight of the new A380 took off for los Angeles it was a nice idea from the airline to invite both travolta and Australian actress-singer Olivia Newton-John together to this ceremony.

The following pictures are from this welcome ceremony in los Angeles. In the pictures you can also see:

– Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa

– Qantas Captain Peter Probert

– Qantas Creative Director Marc Newson

Qantas A380 ft John Travolta

Qantas A380 ft John Travolta

Captain John Travolta

Captain John Travolta

Qantas A380 welcome ceremony, LA

Qantas A380 welcome ceremony, LA

Just a cynical note from me: can you imagine the flight with JT and Olivia on board? As they are getting their 20th note from the passengers delivered by the stewardess: “please sing Summer nights for us”, finally they give in, the stewardess pulls away the curtains of the first class and the 2 of them stand up in line: Olivia in front and John behind. Then they start singing Summer Nights and by the time the famous shoo-bop-bop part comes, they are already dancing between the isles. 🙂

By Szafi

Video Of The Qantas A380 Naming Ceremony

The first A380 of Qantas, the flag carrier of Australia has been named after Nancy Bird Walton, a pioneer of aviation. The video tells everything about the event and why the giant Airbus was named after her.

She also speaks at the ceremony and after the champagne is broken on the plane, she just says like a worried grandma: “I hope she didn’t scratch it”.

It is a very nice, touchng video and I think everybody who watches it feels a little bit what Qantas’ employees feel now.

I remember when I worked for Malev and we received our first next generation Boeing, there was an internal hangar party for the workers. We were chatting, talking in the hangar, when suddenly the band stopped playing and the Malev song started from the loud speakers. The door of the hangar opened up and there was this beautiful plane standing in front of the building facing us with its Mickey mouse-like blue nose. I looked around and I saw people standing there proud, most of them having some teardrops in their eyes. Believe me, it is a very touching moment in the life of an airline.

Well done, Qantas, good PR job!

Here is the video and if you have time, watch the commercial that introduces A380 at Qantas.

The commercial:

By Szafi

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