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LOT Boeing 767 Emergency Landing

A Boeing 767 operated by LOT Polish Airlines made a successful emergency landing in Warsaw, Poland on Tuesday, 1 November, after a hydraulic failure led to the landing gears not opening before landing.

Flight LO-16 was bound to Warszawa-Frédéric Chopin Airport from New York Newark airport with 220 passengers and 11 crew onboard. According to Aviation Safety Network, at about 13:16 local time, while on approach to Warsaw’s runway 33, the crew encountered problems lowering the undercarriage (gears). The airplane entered a holding pattern at 2750 feet but the gear could not be deployed. While on holding, they burnt off most of the remaining fuel onboard, and thenthe crew decided to carry out a gear-up landing on runway 33 at 14:35. Nobody was hurt in the “text-book” emergency landing.

The Boeing 767-300 (registration SP-LPC, named “Poznan”) was originally built for LOT, first flew in May 1997, and is powered by two GE engines – that this time served also well as the main landing gear…

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Safe Carpatair Emergency Landing at Timisoara

A Saab-2000 airplane operated by Carpatair has executed a safe emergency landing at Timisoara airport in Romania this morning, with no injuries. The plane arrived to Timisoara from Chisinau, Moldavia with 47 passengers, 1 infant and 4 crew members onboard.

It was noticed by the crew during the final approach before landing that the front landing gear did not open to its extended position. Following several attampts to release the nose gear, a low pass over the runway was performed to visually check the nose gear position. It was confirmed from the ground to be in the up position and therefore an emergency landing was decided – which was broadcasted live on Romanian Television.

Carpatair Safe Emergency Landing

All procedures went according to the books and professional plans, the flight spent more than an hour and a half circling around the airport to burn fuel, thus reduce the risk of an explosion or fire upon landing. They landed at 9:44 (instead of the originally planned 8:05) with more than 20 ambulances and fire engines on the site, prepared for the worst.  The aircraft stopped perfectly on the centerline axis shortly after the nose of the aircraft had touched the runway surface. Preliminarily, a foam carpet had been created on the runway to diminish the fire risk (the whote foam is clearly seen on the image above).  Both pilots in the cockpit were very experienced as they have flown for more than 40 years, with more than 10.000 flight hours recorded individually.

Passengers had been disembarked through the front passenger door. No passenger or crew member was injured. The aircraft has no noticeable damages following the emergency landing.

Carpatair is a regional airline serving several airports in Romania and surrounding countries as well as flying to Italy, Greece, Austria and Germany with a fleet of 14 Saab-2000’s and 3 Fokker F100’s. It also flies in cooperation with oneworld member Malév Hungarian Airlines on several routes to and from Budapest, Hungary.

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Videos From The Qantas Flight During Emergency Landing

The following videos were taken by passengers travelling on the Qantas flight that needed to make an emergency landing shortly after a hole appeared on the body of the aircraft.

There are speculations circling around about a possible bomb in the suitcases. The following videos are very unique and I am sure it was very shocking for all passengers on board, so special respect for those who had the courage to take videos in this situation.

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Qantas Boeing Emergency Landing Due To Hole On The Plane’s Body

A passenger plane en route from London to Melbourne has made an emergency landing in the Philippines after a large hole appeared in its fuselage.

Qantas Airways said its Boeing 747-400, with 346 passengers and 19 crew, diverted to Manila shortly after leaving Hong Kong and landed safely.

Engineers are investigating what caused the hole – about 2.5m to 3m in diameter – that led to cabin pressure problems.

Raed full article on BBC Online.

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Flight Attendant Sets Fire Onboard

Fire on a planeAn angry flight attendant took a very strange revenge on the management of the airline he worked for. The 19 year-old flight attendant disliked the route he was assigned to. He had to work on the flight of a Compass Airlines (a subsidiary of Northwest Airlines) from Minneapolis to Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada. Regina must not be the worst place on eart, where airlines fly, it is is in South Canada, somewhere between Winnipeg and Calgary. At this time of the year even the weather should be okay.

Still the angry flight attendant decided to “stand up for his rights” in a very dangerous way. He lit a roll of toilet paper in the lavatory of the plane. The smoke set the smoke alarm in the cockpit off and in the emergency situation he himself rushed to put the fire out with the help of a passenger.

The Embraer 175 made an emergency landing in Fargo, ND and soon after the investigation started it turned out that the fire was caused by the young flight attendant. None of the 72 passengers and four crew members abourd was injured.

I hope other airlines filter out psychopaths in a smarter way.

By Szafi

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