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Friday Fun: Racing Airport Vehicles

I believe all of us – who are at least a little bit interested in either cars/trucks or aviation – have watched the special airport vehicles from the airport terminals or the taxiing airplanes before. Well, the Top Gear guys had the privilege to even race them (older models of course…) in an older episode of their show, but let us share it with you as it is a pretty good episode – excellent for a little Friday Fun!

by balint01


Friday Fun: Changing Landing Gear In The Air

It is not a classical joke or typical Friday Fun edition, instead this is a classical video from classical times, when airplanes were slower and allowed such a special acrobatic achievement. I hope you enjoy it and find it interesting, like I did.

by balint01

Friday Fun: Terrourist!

Have You ever wondered what may happen if you get an (over) cautious pilot on your flight whose mind immediately goes into “yellow alert” based on a reported nail file and a can of grape juice?

Check out this funny video series by about a cautious Pilot and the “story” of his flight:

Are we Tourists or (potential) Terrorists nowadays? Or are we “Terrourists”? “It’s hard to tell these days…

One thing to remember: do not carry a nail file AND drink canned grape juice onboard at the same time on a French flight! 🙂

by balint01

Friday Fun – Virgin Blue Card Board Game

This has been in the news all over Australia last month and was brought to our attention by an ex-Virgin Blue employee-friend (who says this is “oh so true“…), so we thought it still deservers an article in our Friday Fun series.

Torsten Koerting was a project manager at Virgin Blue at the airline’s Brisbane Headquarter office, but he resigned last November, sending a farewell email to his colleauges. Until this point, this is a very typical story of one leaving a company, but he included a funny board game in his last email, criticizing the company’s decision making process, with 50 steps to make a decision (which is the ultimate goal of the game).

Virgin Blue Card Board Game by Torsten Koerting

Based on the classic Snakes and Ladders format, his version contains ladders and ropes taking you forward (ladder) or back (rope) if you end up on the bottom of the ladder or the top of the rope. If you end up on a square that has a Virgin Blue airplane, you have to take an Action card, and this is where the inside joke really comes into play. All action cards are referring to actual Project Experiences that he gathered while working for Virgin Blue, but let’s face it, the Australian Low-cost airline is not the only one in the industry facing such difficulties around decision making. I’m sure if we would replace “EMT” with whatever the Project Approval Board at your airline (or company) is called, the game would be very well targeted for your colleagues as well. You may have to recolor the board and replace the plane images as well as the faces on the figures, but it would probably be playable at your upcoming Team Building weekend or in a longer Friday lunch-break in the cantine. “CEO on holiday – no decision – go 1 step back” is something that we probably have all been faced with at one point in our carriers. But I have a feeling that the “Parlez-vous Français? – if yes go 3 steps forward, if not go 3 steps back” action card may be refering to working with one of the strongest Aviation and Tourism IT company based in Nice, France.

We are planning to have a game session with this board game sometime in the future, and will add a comment about our experiences.

Download the full resolution pdf file.

by balint01

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