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Best Airline Industry Awards 2008

Business Traveler magazine in the US has announced the results of a poll that was conducted among 4,000 readers. The awards were given in 3 main ctagories: airline industry, hotel industry and business travel related industries.

Naturally we were interested in the airline industry awards. Some winners were surprising, but I think if someone knows these airlines will be able to guess even without seeing the results. I am not sure whether this poll shows the real picture or it is built on preconceptions and good marketing, but I truely miss some smaller and thus more creative airlines.

Besides that I linked in the websites of the awarded airlines and I really wonder why all these big companies still use their 1999-style webdesign and why they don’t feel the need to improve them. I think one of our next posts will be an early 2009 overview of the biggest airlines with the most austere websites.

Anyway, let’s see the winners:

– Best Overall Airline in the World:  Emirates
– Best Airport in the World:  Changi Airport (Singapore)
– Best First-Class Service in the World: Jet Airways
– Best Business- Class Service in the World:  Qantas
– Best Premium Economy Class in the World: Virgin Atlantic
– Best Economy-Class Service in the World:  Singapore Airlines
– Best Airline for International Travel:  Cathay Pacific
– Best Airline for North American Travel:  Continental Airlines
– Best Flight Attendants in North America: Continental Airlines
– Best Airline in Mexico: Aeromexico
– Best Airline in Western Europe: British Airways
– Best Airline in Central and Eastern Europe:  Czech Airlines
– Best Airline in the Middle East:  Qatar Airways
– Best Airline in Asia: Korean Air
– Best Business Class to Asia/Trans-Pacific:  Korean Air
– Best Airline Advertising Campaign:  Korean Air
– Best Flight Attendants in the World:  Asiana
– Best In-Flight Services in the World: Asiana
– Best Overall Airline Customer Service: Asiana
– Best Airline for First-Class Service in North America:  American Airlines
– Best North American Airline for International Travel: Air Canada
– Best Airline for Business-Class Service in North America:  Air Canada
– Best In-Flight Services in North America:  Air Canada
– Best Airline for Business-Class Service to South America:  LAN
– Best Airline for Business Class to Europe/trans-Atlantic:  Air France
– Best Business Class to Australia/New Zealand/South Pacific:  Air New Zealand
– Best Business Class to the Middle East:  Etihad Airways
– Best Business Class to Africa:  South African Airways
– Best All-Business-Class Service: All Nippon Airways
– Best Airline Cuisine/Meals: bmi
– Best Airline Alliance Program: Star Alliance
– Best Low-Cost Airline in North America: Virgin America
– Best Airport Clubs/Lounges: Delta Air Lines
– Best Frequent-Flyer Program: Delta Air Lines
– Best Airline Web Site: Delta Air Lines
– Best Airport in North America: Denver International Airport

By Szafi


The Greatest Gig In The Sky 2008 Part II

In our earlier post we started a year-end poll about the biggest things that happened in the airline industry in 2008.

In the first poll we aksed your opinion about the best A380 interior design.

Now it’s fun time. Let’s see who was the biggest looser of the year.

The nominees are:

  • A cow hit by an aeroplane during landing.

The weird accident happened earlier this year. You can read the short story here.

Both Boeing and Airbus had problems with their new wonder machines. Boeing was in a much better situation about 2 years ago, but in the meantime Airbus delivered the A380 and Boeing is still stuck in the middle of the Dreamliner project.

  • British Airways and British Airport Authorities for screwing up the opening of Heathrow Terminal 5.

When it comes to success, it is always about one-man-shows. But when failure is coming, it is always team work. Here you can read about what went wrong during the Terminal 5 project, but one thing is clear: that was a huge failure.

  • Ryanair in the dispute with Mr Sarkozy

To keep a long story short, Ryanair used French president, Mr Sarkozy and his newly wed wife without their permissions for an advertisement in a French daily paper. Then Mr Sarkozy sued them and said he did not want any money, and if he wins, he will give it to charity, but it was not fair what Ryanair did. You can read the full story here.

  • Mr Sarkozy in the dispute with Ryanair

Finally Mr Sarkozy won the case, and Ryanair had to pay EUR 60 000, but in the end accorsing to Ryanair they won about EUR 5 million in the form of free publicity. You can read more about it here.

Now it is your turn to tell us:

Who is the biggest looser of the year?

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