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Airbus A380 News

With 19 Airbus A380s already in service around the world, it’s time to take a look at the latest Airbus A380 news – following our latest updates about new flights and operational issues.

Singapore Airlines – 9 A380s in service – 5 (+ 1) routes

The launch customer of the Airbus A380 superjumbo  – since October 2007 – has already received 9 of the type and has brought the A380 to 7 cities so far. More than 1.4 million customers have flown on its A380s that have clocked more than 35,000 flying hours on more than 4,000 flights since the start of commercial service. Following the first flight to Hong Kong in early July, Melbourne in Australia will be the latest airport to receive the A380 service with 471 seats on board in three classes, following Singapore, Sydney, London, Tokyo, Paris and Hong Kong – when the first flight will land in the second most popolous Australian city on 29 September, 2009. The daily A380 flights will replace an existing daily Boeing 747-400 service to Melbourne. SQ227 will depart Singapore Changi Airport at 2100hrs and arrive in Melbourne at 0610hrs (0710hrs from 4 October 2009 due to daylight savings) the next day. On the return leg, SQ228 will depart Melbourne at 1550hrs (1650hrs from 4 October 2009) and touch down in Singapore at 2140hrs.

Emirates – 6 A380s in service – 5 (+ 2) routes

Emirates currently has the largest order placed for the doubledecker aircraft and has already received 6 of the type. Starting in July 2008, Emirates have been serving London Heathrow, Sydney, and Auckland. Since the 1st of June they have been operating the A380 to the Thai capital of Bangkok on a daily flight and to Toronto in Canada, three times weekly. The next Asian destination for the Emirates A380 will be the Korean capital, Seoul, from the 1st of December. The 489 seat, 3 class configuration Emirates A380 features two fully equipped bathrooms with showers and an onboard bar for first and business class passengers as a specialty. In Europe, the next airport served will be Paris Charles de Gaulle from 1st of February, 2010. But Emirates will operate a single service to UK’s Birmingham to mark the Airport’s 70th birthday on September 9th, 2009. This will be the first commercial A380 service outside of London Heathrow in the UK and will park at the new Pier of Birmingham Airport – which opens on the same day with the Emirates A380 as the first aircraft being served there.

Qantas – 4 A380s in service – 4 routes

Qantas has been operating the A380 is its fleet since October 2008. The fourth A380 arrives to Australia at the end of July, allowing Qantas to increase its Sydney-Singapore-London A380 services from three to five per week, and Sydney-Los Angeles services from three to four per week. The fifth and sixth airplane scheduled to arrive in 2009 will further increase the frequency between Australia and the UK and the US, as by November Qantas will operate daily A380 services to London and LA and will increase the Melbourne-Los Angeles services from two to three A380 flights per week. By the end of 2009 this will mean 34 return flights per week. The 450 seat, four-class configuration aircraft type has so far transported more than 200.000 passengers at the Australian flag-carrier.

A380 in new AirFrance Livery

+ Air France – 0 A380s in service – (+1) route

Air France – the first European operator of the type – has rolled out the airplane in its new livery on the 9th of July. This airplane is scheduled to enter service in November on a daily Paris Charles de Gaulle – New York JFK service. It is interesting that Emirates had operated the A380 to New York JFK before, but has since withdrawn the aircraft from the route. The French A380 will be configured for 538 passengers in a three-cabin layout with 80 business and 106 economy seats on the upper deck and nine first class and 343 economy seats on the main deck. That compares with 450 seats on Qantas A380s, 471 on Singapore Airlines and 489 on Emirates. CEO Pierre-Henri Gourgeon said in a recent conversation in Paris to Airwise News that Air France’s A380s would not be equipped with special luxury features specifically designed for the double-deck aircraft like spas or spacious premium suites. “It’s an aircraft, an aircraft offering high-density seating and thus offering lower unit costs,” he said. “We will use it as such.” AirFrance will be the first European airline to operate the A380 and the first to use it on transatlantic flights between Europe and the US. It has 12 on order, four of which will start operating this winter and next spring.

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Airbus A380 Problems at Qantas

The Australian Qantas Airways is the third airline to operate the Airbus A380 doubledecker aircraft, but the first one to be forced to temporarily withdraw all three of its A380 fleet from service.

On 2nd of March, 2009 Qantas had no A380s in service for a short period of time – all 3 aircraft having to be removed from operations due to unrelated fuel system problems. The first mega-jumbo of the Australian airline (named Nancy-Bird Walton) had technical troubles back in Sydney on Saturday (February 28) when it was delayed 19 hours (!) before taking off for London Heathrow. On the return trip, the aircraft suffered a fuel leak and passengers were transferred to a Boeing 747-400 – 12 hours later. Engineers in London fixed the fuel leak and the A380 was back in service by late Tuesday.

2 Qantas Airbus A380s - photo by David Morrell - Avid Creations - on

The other two A380s (pictured here above) had a different fuel system issue and were removed from service at the same time. Qantas has stated that two A380s were declared unserviceable with a ‘”fuel tank indication system problem”. They also returned to service on Tuesday after the fixes were made in Sydney. According to ATWOnline, “the issue related to the Fuel Quantity Indicating System (FQIS) and some microbiological contamination, which resulted in faulty FQIS readings.”

The introduction of the Airbus A380 is still referred to as the best entry into service of any aircraft with Australia’s national airline.

Since entering service in October 2007, the 13 A380s flying with Singapore Airlines, Emirates and Qantas have flown 31,750 hours and 3,300 revenue flights, with 97.8% leaving on time. There were only a few, minor incidents earlier at Singapore Airlines.

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Qantas A380 Featuring John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John

Exactly a week after the first A380 of Qantas Australian Airlines was named after a nice old lady, who was one of the pioneers of Australian aviation, the first commercial flight was completed by the giant airbus.

John Travolta has a good relationship with the airline. He was a Boeing 707 pilot for Qantas and after their contract was over, he received a 707 from them as a private jet with Qantas livery. The plane is parked in front of his house as he lives in a small village, where taxiways lead to the houses from the central runway and besides garages there are hangars for the private planes. See our earlier post about his topic.

Now that the first flight of the new A380 took off for los Angeles it was a nice idea from the airline to invite both travolta and Australian actress-singer Olivia Newton-John together to this ceremony.

The following pictures are from this welcome ceremony in los Angeles. In the pictures you can also see:

– Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa

– Qantas Captain Peter Probert

– Qantas Creative Director Marc Newson

Qantas A380 ft John Travolta

Qantas A380 ft John Travolta

Captain John Travolta

Captain John Travolta

Qantas A380 welcome ceremony, LA

Qantas A380 welcome ceremony, LA

Just a cynical note from me: can you imagine the flight with JT and Olivia on board? As they are getting their 20th note from the passengers delivered by the stewardess: “please sing Summer nights for us”, finally they give in, the stewardess pulls away the curtains of the first class and the 2 of them stand up in line: Olivia in front and John behind. Then they start singing Summer Nights and by the time the famous shoo-bop-bop part comes, they are already dancing between the isles. 🙂

By Szafi

Video Of The Qantas A380 Naming Ceremony

The first A380 of Qantas, the flag carrier of Australia has been named after Nancy Bird Walton, a pioneer of aviation. The video tells everything about the event and why the giant Airbus was named after her.

She also speaks at the ceremony and after the champagne is broken on the plane, she just says like a worried grandma: “I hope she didn’t scratch it”.

It is a very nice, touchng video and I think everybody who watches it feels a little bit what Qantas’ employees feel now.

I remember when I worked for Malev and we received our first next generation Boeing, there was an internal hangar party for the workers. We were chatting, talking in the hangar, when suddenly the band stopped playing and the Malev song started from the loud speakers. The door of the hangar opened up and there was this beautiful plane standing in front of the building facing us with its Mickey mouse-like blue nose. I looked around and I saw people standing there proud, most of them having some teardrops in their eyes. Believe me, it is a very touching moment in the life of an airline.

Well done, Qantas, good PR job!

Here is the video and if you have time, watch the commercial that introduces A380 at Qantas.

The commercial:

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