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Red Bull Air Race 2008 Budapest – The Race

The race day was even more attractive than the qualification. Besides the race itself we could again see the B25 and the Corsair planes plus 2 helicopters making extreme maneuvers.

The race was amazing, Hannes Arch won, Steve Jones was the second and Paul Bonhomme became third. Peter Besenyei came in only as 5th.

Unfortunately I left the memory card from the camera in the card reader and I noticed it only when we got to the scene, so I could not take any pictures of my own, but I collected the best photos from

You can take a look at the pictures here or by clicking the image below:

Red Bull Air Race 2008 Budapest

Red Bull Air Race 2008 Budapest

By Szafi


Friday Fun – Red Bull Helicopter

The 2008 Red Bull Air Race Series have just gone underway last Sunday with the season-opener in Abu Dhabi, and in recent years, the Red Bull Aerobatic Helicopter has visited most of the races as well. So watch out for this customized Eurocopter BO-105 CBS 4 Twin engine helicopter that has a Rigid Rotor system (fixed rotor) why it can do aerobatics. We hope it will be present on the Budapest Race as well, following last year’s amazing and really breathtaking show. If you attend any of the races this year, try to keep your head up all the time even in between the rounds of the actual Race, to see this helicopter piloted by Chuck Aaron.

one from Budapest in 2006:

And the last one including Chuck’s comments live while doing the loops:

You can find a lot more videos on YouTube if you like these just search for the Red Bull Helicopter and enjoy your Friday!

by balint01

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