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New Air France Safety Video – Sooo French and Sooo Chic!

LOGO-AIR-FRANCE-_01Air France has just joined the unofficial “Creative Air Safety Video” movement by producing their very own, very French version of the short video┬áthat most of us have seen hundreds of times before.

They speak in French and in “Frenglish” (pardon my wording here, but the English pronunciation has a very strong French accent here), and they use the word “chic”! ­čÖé They also add a truly French style to the whole visualization of this video by the dancing girls, the funny, airplane-like stage. The electronic devices hidden in books is also a creative idea that I’m sure comes from real-life experiences of flight attendants fighting with “trickier” passengers…

What I was surprised about is the sentence about “lost electronic devices”. I don’t think I have ever heard this instruction on any airplane from any airlines before – it sounds a bit surprising to me. Probably there is a reason for it, I’m wondering what it may be. If you have an idea, please share it in a comment below!

by balint01

Air New Zealand Marketing Videos

Funny and innovative safety videos for airlines are now a very trendy tool for marketing, especially as items for viral and social marketing.

Air New Zealand seems to be in the front line┬áhere, as they have created a very popular Hobbit version earlier in 2012 for the first part of the Hobbit trilogy: “An Unexpected Briefing” (a’la the title of the movie: “An Unexpected Journey”). They were followed with a pop-song like version of the safety instructions from Virgin America┬ánot so long afterwards.

So following the sometimes ugly creatures of the Hobbit Universe, Air New Zealand started 2014 with a different topic and a beautiful “partner”: the 50 year old Sports Illustrated – Swimsuit Edition!

To be honest, personally I like this one much better. What do you think? (the links to the other two are available in the first paragraph)

Not a safety video, but still worth to mention in the league of viral Airline marketing videos is the one that came with the second Hobbit movie last year: a short film of what a day is like at the official airline of Middle-Earth (aka.: New Zealand), starring real Air New Zealand employees from Flight Attendants to Engineers – and a plane slapping its wings like a bird. (title: “Just another day in Middle-earth“):

For the record, they also accompanied the second Hobbit movie (The Desolation of Smaug) with a special aircraft livery last year as well:

Air New Zealand Boeing 777 with Hobbit special livery - by  James Mepsted on

by balint01

Creative Flight Safety Video at Virgin America

There have been many tries to make the boring, before-flight Safety Demonstration/Video a little bit more enjoyable than the average, simple, talking version. There have been ad-hoc Rappers on Southwest Airlines, Hobbit themed videos on Air New Zealand for example, but let’s take a look at this latest, fresh, pop-song like Virgin America video:

If you like, you may watch it again, or look at the behind the scenes video. ­čÖé

by balint01

Evacuation Training Footage

I’m sure those of you who are aviation fans, have already seen this footage, but I think it’s worth watching it again! This is the evacuation training/trial for the new A380 in a hangar in Tolouse (I think), with a timer on the top!

I hope nobody will ever experience such slides in real life, but I once had the chance to try it in a training facility – it’s something I’ll remember for the rest of my life! Ladies, please remember: in such a situation take your high heels off before jumping on the slide!

By balint01

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