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Thoughts During a Crash Landing

We covered the original “story”, of the US Airways Airbus crash landing into the Hudson River back in January 2009. We also shared the Pilot’s blog post about the miraculous event. We even shared a game that was released after the safe landing…

US Airways Airbus in the Hudson River in New York City - from

But for some reason, we haven’t come across this great TED video for all those years. This video is from 2011 (so not new at all), but still worth sharing here as well, I believe. Rick Elias had the seat 1D on flight 1549 that day. He talks about his thoughts that went through his mind as the plane was preparing to attempt the almost impossible landing on the Hudson River. He shares three things with us:

by balint01


Can You Land On The Hudson River?

16 January has already become a part of aviation history. After a double bird strike the engines of US Airways flight 1549 completely stopped and the pilot landed the plane safely on New York’s Hudson River. The outstanding pilot performance of Captain Chesley Sullenberger will be remembered forever.  The plane was full with fuel and passengers aboard, the engines did not work and besides that he had to put down the plane on a river without landing gears, without reversers in the middle of New York City, one of the world’s mostly populated metropolitans.

Now you can learn it yourselves how difficult this maneuver is. Of course this time it is just virtual, but still it gives you some idea how hard it is. I am sure that for some people this is still traumatic, but as an old commonsense says: humor heals everything.

Game 1

The first game is simpler, but it is funny. Click here to play.

Double Bird Strike Game

Game 2

The second game has much better graphics and it is really exciting to play. The aim is to avoid bird strikes, and after the second strike you have to land perfectly on the river. Click here to play.

Bird Strike Game

Enjoy the games!

By Szafi

Landing On The Hudson Through The Eyes Of A Pilot

Chesley Sullenberger (c) AP

The world is celebrating a new superstar:  Captain Chesley Sullenberger, the pilot of U.S. Airways flight 1549 that crashed into New York’s Hudson River on January 16, 2009. Thanks to the crew of the flight now passengers were wounded and everybody survived the crash caused most probably by bird strike.

Now another pilot, Susan O’Donnell who was traveling on flight 1549 when the accident happened, is telling us her version of the story. She is not a journalist, so the text contains some jargon, but still it gives you thrills as you read it.

This is the captain. Brace for impact.

This is the sentence you never want to hear on board a passenger jet. How did the passengers react? What happened to them exactly? Read the full story on Sky Talk from one of the survivors, a jumpseat passenger: another pilot.

By Szafi

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