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New Air France Safety Video – Sooo French and Sooo Chic!

LOGO-AIR-FRANCE-_01Air France has just joined the unofficial “Creative Air Safety Video” movement by producing their very own, very French version of the short video¬†that most of us have seen hundreds of times before.

They speak in French and in “Frenglish” (pardon my wording here, but the English pronunciation has a very strong French accent here), and they use the word “chic”! ūüôā They also add a truly French style to the whole visualization of this video by the dancing girls, the funny, airplane-like stage. The electronic devices hidden in books is also a creative idea that I’m sure comes from real-life experiences of flight attendants fighting with “trickier” passengers…

What I was surprised about is the sentence about “lost electronic devices”. I don’t think I have ever heard this instruction on any airplane from any airlines before – it sounds a bit surprising to me. Probably there is a reason for it, I’m wondering what it may be. If you have an idea, please share it in a comment below!

by balint01

Thoughts During a Crash Landing

We covered the original “story”, of the US Airways Airbus crash landing into the Hudson River back in January 2009. We also shared the Pilot’s blog post about the miraculous event. We even shared a game that was released after the safe landing…

US Airways Airbus in the Hudson River in New York City - from

But for some reason, we haven’t come across this great TED video for all those years. This video is from 2011 (so not new at all), but still worth sharing here as well, I believe. Rick Elias had the seat 1D on flight 1549 that day. He talks about his thoughts that went through his mind as the plane was preparing to attempt the almost impossible landing on the Hudson River. He shares three things with us:

by balint01

Friday Fun: Racing Airport Vehicles

I believe all of us Рwho are at least a little bit interested in either cars/trucks or aviation Рhave watched the special airport vehicles from the airport terminals or the taxiing airplanes before. Well, the Top Gear guys had the privilege to even race them (older models of course…) in an older episode of their show, but let us share it with you as it is a pretty good episode Рexcellent for a little Friday Fun!

by balint01

Friday Fun: Changing Landing Gear In The Air

It is not a classical joke or typical Friday Fun edition, instead this is a classical video from classical times, when airplanes were slower and allowed such a special acrobatic achievement. I hope you enjoy it and find it interesting, like I did.

by balint01

Airlines vs. GDS vs. Online Travel Agencies

Have you ever wondered:

  • why some airlines can be found on online travel sites, while others can’t?
  • why some airlines provide their cheapest fares only on their own websites?
  • why all airlines are marketing their own website on every occasion they can?
  • why airlines mention GDS costs among their biggest expenditures?

Check out this video from by Farelogix, that is a great summary of the current battle between airlines, online travel agencies and GDSs.

by balint01

Holiday Wishes

Even though we are passed the Christian Christmas period as well as the Jewish Hanukah, we are before the Orthodox Christmas as well as all the New Year celebrations around the world, thus we would like to wish all of our loyal Readers and Partners a Very Happy Holiday Season!

Check out this special Holiday Wish from the co-workers of TAP, the Portuguese National Carrier. They prepared a special show for their passengers right before Christmas at their Home Airport in Lisbon, Portugal, using the Airport Terminal as the stage and playing the accompanying music through the airport loudspeakers.

by balint01 and Szafi

Friday Fun – Pushback by Hand

Following our last Friday Fun Article about the Russian display at the Farnborough Air Show, here is another Russian related video, again nominated by my friend, Gaba РThanks!

This time the strong Russians as pushing back the An-124 cargo aircraft by hand (weights 175.000 kgs empty)!

by balint01

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