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Lloyd Paxton Leaves Malev After Two Months, Peter Leonov Is New CEO

It was breaking news this morning that Mr. Lloyd Paxton, the British aviation expert, who has been named as CEO of Malév Hungarian Airlines only two months ago, has resigned. Actually the first news in Hungary stated simply that he was replaced, the official statement later during the day talks about a resignation due to “personal resons”, which are not disclosed upon his personal request.

He is replaced by Mr. Péter Leonov. Mr. Leonov until now has been vice-chairman of the board, and was the leading and key figure during the privatization process of Malév on behalf of AirBridge, the company that finally won the long privatization tender earlier this year and is partly owned by Mr. Boris Abramovich, owner and key figure of Russian AirUnion.

Mr. Paxton has launched an ambitious restructuring plan, called ReMAke (name is based on the two letter IATA code for Malev: MA), being assisted by a number of international consultants and around 70 involved employees. According to the news in the Hungarian Media, Malev is determined to continue with the restructuring plan that is aimed at cutting costs and increasing revenues at the same time. When Mr. Paxton was introduced as the new CEO two months ago, Mr. Abramovic had stated that he has two years to turn around the loss-making airline.

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Friday Fun – Cockpit

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100th Anniversary Post – Sex On An Airplane

Well, when we (actually Szafi first) started this blog, we didn’t think about how many articles we would write here, how often would we publish a post or how many visitors/readers we would get. But here we are, publishing our 100th post 104 days after the first article (03JUN2007). So we almost made it to have 100 posts in 100 days, but missed it with four days… Nevermind, if we round up the numbers, we end up with an average of 1 article per day, which we didn’t really plan at the beginning!! 🙂

We have grown in style and habits: we have teamed up with AvConet to feature aviation jobs, we have a weekly “column”: Friday Fun, and we have been following a few developing issues and stories: 100% E-Ticketing, Celebrity Planes, A380 and B787 developments, the launch of Air Mistral, the developments at our previous airline employer: Malév, not to mention airline IT related news and reviews of websites. It is now also known to us, that most people if search for something related to aviation, it will most likely be about an accident which is currently in the news, or celebrities and their planes in general. But of course you also search for other airline related stuff, such as “Dreamliner”, or “Tickets for A380”, but “John Travolta and his planes”, “Air China Fire” and the “Red Bull Air Race” are also among top search words.

We have also grown in terms of visitors, and this is the most important to us. It is probably directly linked with the more and more articles we have, but we also hope that there are many of you who check our blog regularly and have added it to your favourites! 🙂

And here comes the big question of the day: What shall we write our anniversary article about? 🙂 We thought of many-many things, such as:

  • funny airline jokes – we do that every Friday!
  • ourselves – please see our Authors page!
  • the weather – people always talk about the weather, why should we?
  • a compilation of the “Best of Airlineworld Posts” – it’s not really our task to come up with that
  • blog statistics – that would be too “dry”, right?
  • etc.

Lynx Jet Advertisement Excerpt

So we come up with the idea of writing about something that would interest everyone: sex. But how is sex related to aviation? Now, I think everybody knows the answer – sex on the plane. Let us admit we all think about it every now and then when we fly. And why is it? Believe it or not it is not just the effect of movies. You would be surprised how often it happens that passengers (and shhh, but sometimes crew as well) get too horny during flying. It is believed to be due to the combination of lack of oxygen, too much alcohol (1 glass of drink in the air equals 2-3 glasses on ground) and boredom. The most common thing passengers do is that they meet up in one of the toilets and sometimes they forget there is an alarm button in the toilet that gives a signal to flight attendants if somebody gets in trouble inside. So sometimes the flight attendants know about what is going on inside as they can see the signal switched off and on continuously…

Many times people do not bother going to the toilet. They simply do their things under some clothes or a blanket at their seats. But again I have to say: flight attendants who see way more things than anyone can imagine know it perfectly well what is going on.

You can find more technical explanations and suggestions about sex on an airplane as a passenger a’la Airplane Safety Card style here

How about the cabin crew? Well, on long haul flights in bigger aircrafts, there is a small galley for the crew where they can get some rest. That is the most common place for a little hide-away for them. But to be honest, most long-haul flights would make the crew sleep-over at their destination (sometimes for a few days), so they have other chances in the hotel, as well, but this is a different story…

There is one more thing to add to the kinky side of flying. There are many airlines who are very tough with their crew about their outfit. They must be between a certain height (too tall people cannot fit into some aircrafts and too small people cannot assist passengers with the overhead compartments) and they must not be overweight. There are airlines that do not allow the flight attendants to wear too tight uniforms, because the silhouette of their panties is visible on the skirt itself. Therefore most flight attendants at these airlines simply do not wear panties. But we do not have to know that to find uniforms themselves exciting.

There are other, legal ways of having sex above the clouds, such as renting a small, special equipped aircraft from Flamingo Air in Cincinnati, OH or from Bob Smith in Georiga, and of course if you rent or buy a private jet, it’s yet again a different story…

We hope we could add some spice (and not just with this article, but the other 99 as well) to your thoughts about flying. 🙂

by balint01 and Szafi

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