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1 Killed, 10 Injured in German Air Show

A small turboprop plane hit the crowd of spectators at an air show in Germany, Kindel Airfield near Eisenach on 26 April. The small plane failed to take off and it ran into the crowd of onlookers.

1 person, a 45-year-old woman was killed and 10 suffered serious injuries including the 35-year-old pilot. Other seven were lightly injured, including 2 children.

The plane also hit a children’s carousel, which luckily did not operate at the time of the accident.

The aircraft involved was a Zlin Z-37 Cmelak, a Czech built single-seater plane which had been used by authorities in former East Germany as a cropduster.

By Szafi

Best Of AirlineWorld 2007

This is the last day of the year. As billions of people around the world, we also took a look back to what happened in the old year and made some New Year’s Resolutions.

For us 2007 was not a full year as we started our blog in June. It was a nice calm Sunday and Szafi wrote her first post about the Radio Alphabet – a useful tool not just for aviation fans. Balint01 joined her on the 7th with his first post about “Fuller Planes – Good Or Bad?” – a brief explanation of revenue and capacity management of airlines.


A380 was one of our main topics this year. We could see the a video of an imaginery evacuation of an A380, we reported on that quite unusual initiation that Singapore Airlines sold the first tickets to the A380 on e-Bay and gave the money (USD 1,25 million) for charity. We tried to find out more about the possible cabin configurations and then we reported on the first delivery.

Boeing 787

Boeing 787, the Dreamliner was our other favorite topic. We wrote about it when it was revealed, we put it in our blog header, we reported on the first announcement of delay that predicted 2 months. Now it seems that a 6-month delay is more realistic.


Besides A380 and B787 we saw the birth of a Russian jet called Sukhoi Superjet and a Chinese one called ARJ21-700. We kept track of technology trends in aviation. We wrote an article about RFID usage at airlines and airports, about e-ticketing, a new online payment method at Qantas, a weightless flight, a solar powered, unmanned aircraft. Also we were interested in service developments such as the new Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse at London Heathrow Airport, Lufthansa’s new A380 First Class Concept, Boeing’s 747 development to keep up with A380,


Unfortunately again some serious accidents happened. We saw around 200 people dying in a very tragical crash in Sao Paulo, brazil. 19 people died in an accident of Air Moorea on the way to Tahiti. When China Airline’ 737 burst into fire and blew up, everybody could escape in time thanks to the flight crew, who was criticized for being rude – we thought it was better being rude than being inactive. Later it turned out that a loose bolt caused the fire. There was a sad collision of two planes at an Air Show in Radom, Poland. SAS Airlineshad a bad series of crash landings – without serious injuries – of its Dash 8 turboprop planes. Finally they decided on grounding all their Dash 8 fleet. 87 died in One-Two-Go Airlines crash in Phuket, Thailand. A few days later rallye driver champion Colin McRae died in a helicopter crash over Scotland. The most commented article was the weird accident of an Airbus A340 on the ground of the Airbus factory during testing. The last serious accident of the year was an MD-83 crash in Turkey killing 56.

Photo reports 

We received a lot of photos from our friends and airline enthusiasts, so we could show a photo report of a Royal Aircraft in Budapest, Red Bull Air Race in Budapest, an Air Show in Kecskemet and the A340 Airbus crash at the Toulouse Airbus factory.


We criticized airlines and other players of the industry about wrong steps and we were happy to present good initiations of other players. We found KLM’s promotion: a gift of a costmetics set for online bookers a very smart and useful initiation. We loved Iberia’s enviroment-friendly attitude with naming their new aircrafts Royal Owl, Imperial Eagle and other endangered species. We could read funny comments about an interesting topic: Vatican’s Air Mistral. IATA’s initiation of a greener aviation industry was also worth a post.

Sex and rock and roll 

And finally we tried to entertain those not interested in professional matters of the airline business with articles like Sex in an airplane, Sexy stewardess uniforms – with special attention to the self-designed uniform of Easyjet, Superstar pilots, Special aircraft paintings and we learned about where lost luggage end up going.

We also lost a very key figure of the European airline indusry. Tony Ryan, the founder of Ryanair died on 03 October at the age of 71. Net year we will definately write an article about him, because only a few know about his role in today’s aviation business.

And what is our New Year’s resolution? Well, we’ll do our best to entertain you and draw your attention to the magic world of airlines we so much love.

We both wish you a very happy, successful new year and please keep on reading us! 🙂

By Szafi and balint01

Dubai Air Show Orders II

New orders at the Dubai Air Show:

1. DAE Capital

The Dubai based leasing company ordered 85 Boeing aircrafts; 75 B737 NGs, 10 B777-300s and 5 747-8F frighters. According to gossips there is a chance DAE Capital will extend its order to 15 additional B787s. DAE also ordered 70 A320s and 30 A350XWBs.


Low Cost Aircraft Leasing, a Dubai based leasing company increased the number of a previous order by 6 B787s, thus instead of the original 15, they will buy 21.

3. Prince Alwaleed bin Talal bin Abdulaziz Alsaud

Signature at Dubai Air Show

Prince Alwaleed is the first private person who confirmed the order of an A380 for private purposes. The A380 Flying Palace will probably be the most luxurious private jet.

4. Air Arabia

Air Arabia ordered 34 Airbus A320s and took options on 15 more. Air Arabia is the first low cost airline in the Middle-East and its base is the United Arab Emirates.

Dubai Air Show Orders I.

On the first day of the 2007 Dubai Air Show great orders were revealed, and there are three more days to go…

Emirates Logo   Emirates Airbues A380

Emirates have voted for Airbus, by placing the largest order to date for the new Airbus A350, by 70 pieces. They took option on an additional 50, while added 11 A380 to the already largest fleet of A380’s to raise the total number to be operated by the airline to 66 (47 original orders + 8 commitments earlier this year, and the 11 yesterday). If they take all of their options on the A350’s, Emirates would operate a 186 piece modern Airbus fleet by the end of the next decade (!). By selecting the A350 over the Boeing B787 Emirates gave a boost to the new Airbus program. Probably to bridge the time before the A350’s arrive, they also placed an order with Boeing for 12 long-range 777-300ER’s.

Qatar Airways Logo  Qatar Airways on the other hand selected Boeing with placing firm orders for 30 B787 Dreamliners with options for another 30, while buying 27 B777’s as well, with 5 options. This is a total of 57 firm + 35 optional orders.

Virgin Nigeria Logo  Virgin Nigeria ordered 10 Embraer jets. The order consists of 7 E170 and 3 of the larger E190, with options for 6 more E190 regional jets.

The show goes on until Thursday and will display daily flights of the A380.

by balint01

A380 Will Also Fly At Dubai Air Show

This year’s Dubai Air Show will take place between 11th  (Sunday) and 15th (Thursday) November. The Dubai Air Show is always one of the best flight event in the world. The first Dubai Air Show was held in 1989 with 25 aircrafts on display. This year over 140 aircraft will be present. The fleet includes a host of new-to-market models ranging from strike fighters to trainers, from VIP business jets to heavy cargo carriers – and the shiny new A380!

The static display will give place to the following debuts:

  • Eclipse 500
    A very light jet, “the quietest jet in history”

The flying display will present porgrammes like:

  • MIG 29s
  • F16s
  • the Airbus A380
  • Britain’s Red Arrows flying the BAE Systems’ training Hawk
  • Patrouille de France in the Dassault/ Dornier AlphaJet
  • Spain’s Patrulla Aguila, which is making its Arabian Gulf debut in the Casa C-101 Aviojet

Here is a complete list of aircrafts flying during the air show.

Airline Wrold will keep you updated about the event.

By Szafi 

Music and Flying I – Rammstein or Ramstein?

Now that many people know we are running this blog, we always get good hints what to write about. I myself never looked at the relationsip between music and flying, but there is. So as music is my second hobby besides flying, I loved the idea to write a series of articles about this relationship.

The first relationship we are looking at is about a band that was named after an air crash. Ramstein is a city in Germany. Before the union of the 2 parts of Germany, it gave a home to an American air force base. In 1988 the biggest accident happened there in the history of air shows.

Italian fighter planes (the formation is called Frecce Tricolori) performed some stunt flying, when during a figure (called pierced heart) one of the planes came a second earlier and it collided with another plane and hit 2 more. 3 planes hit the ground immediately after exploding in the air, but the one that missed the figure flew in another direction and after the collision it fell on the crowd. At that moment the air show scene became hell. All in all 75 people died and 326 got seriously injured.

The following video is a report about the accident including interview with survivors and an official who was in charge of the rescue works. The video is very shocking and emotional, but it is a nice commemoration.

Getting back to Rammstein, the band the first question is why they spell their name with double m. In interviews I found no special reason, but emphasizing the name using double m for putting a stress on that part of the word. The word means ramming stone, so by emphasizing the word ramming, they can show some agressiveness. They said their name was chosen as a memorial to this horrific event.

They even have a song with the same title. The lyrics are the following:

A body burns
Rancid flesh fills the air
A child dies
The sun shines
A sea of flames
Blood congeals on (the) concrete
Mothers’ scream
The sun shines
A (massive) grave
There’s no escape
Not a bird will sing
And the sun shines

As a result, air shows were banned in Germany in the next 3 years. In 1991 the ban was lifted, but there were much more serious regulations about the distance between spectators and the air space and rules still forbid stunt flying figures towards the crowd. A memorial website can be found here with links to blogs of victims’ families.

By Szafi 

TAP A310 Flies By At Evora Air Show 2007

Even though Airbus has stopped producing the A300 family aircraft, the plane type is more than alive, check out this video from the Evora Air Show 2007, Portugal, which was recommended to me by my friend, Attila. Thanks for directing my attention to this beautiful series of fly-bys of a TAP A310!

Three passes compiled:

And the bravest fly-by from another angle (sorry you can only watch it directly on YouTube).

by balint01

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